Thighs - Buttock Lifting

The drop of buttock, thighs and lipodystrophy are malformations which in a large number of patiens coexist and often interventions are performed simultaneously.

Both due to excessive fat desposition or excessive sagging skin on the inner surface. Age, obecity, and weight loss are the main predisposing factors for the creation of malformation. Many times relaxing of the underlying muscles coexist and must also be corrected. The buttlock area lipodistrophy unfortunately cannot be corrected with sandart remedies such as diet, exercise, or massage. The surgery and the lifting of the thighs and buttock is the only process that can reallly give the aethetic result that the patient is looking for.


The incisions are not visible. They are made into the normal folds of the skin sush as the gluteus fold or into the underwear to lift the buttock and the area aspect of the thighs.




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