Arm -Lifting

The sudden changes weight, but especially the age is the cause of the relaxation of the inner surface of the arms and shoulders to the point of deformation or asymmetry, changing the right line. There are many women that they avoid wearing summer clothes that live the shoulders uncovered, because they don’t feel comfortable due to this problem.

Also men face the same problem for the same reasons. Restoration of the relaxation of the arms is treated with surgical removal of skin directly into the armpits in shape of a "V" which is not easily visible with the arm closed. However through time the incision becomes a small scar that looks like one of the aspects of the area. Many times it becomes a combination liposuction of the outer region of the arm when there is a concentration of dystrophic fat it will be completed with the removal of the loosened skin.

The operation is performed by topical anesthesia and sedation and remain in the clinic is not required.
In the first days we use strapping and it requires attention to the movements and weight lifting for 7-10 days.


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