Our Clinic - "Plasis"

"Plasis" is a private Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Boutique for, Anti-Aging, General Surgery and Breast adeptness. Dr. Tzamantaki Elena is the head manager and surgeon for the department of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, while for the department of General Surgery, Laparoscopic and Breast adeptness, Dr. Krasonikolakis Titos is the leading surgeon.



Our clinic is framed by specialized scientists, such as: Anesthesiologist, Psychologist, Beautician, Nutritionist, as well as permanent partners: Gynecologist, Urologic surgeon, Physician Oncologist and Radiotherapist. We also work with a high level Private Clinics, but mainly with Athens Medical Clinic of Paleo Faliro.

Our goal is to provide medical services of high quality, excellent postoperative care and monitoring. With the continuous updating of medical developments globally, we apply the proper treatment to our patients. The center is equipped with the most sophisticated technologies such as: Advanced Laser Treatments, as well as Advanced Anti-aging treatments, while the medical team and professional staff is continuously updated on the latest developments in medicine and technologies.

We understand the beauty and wellness as a constant search for perfection that comes with the harmonization of the soul and body. Dedicated to the health and beauty of our patients by combining the artistic excellence with the medical knowledge and technology. As a unique work of art, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery include a wide variety of beauty services and restoration.

The Breast Surgery team of General Surgery and Laparoscopic works with specialized Surgery Group in Mastology having as primary goal to provide the best and most specialized care, aiming primarily to your health and quality of life by prevention and early detection of breast cancer.


In our Clinic the sections that are operating are the following:


1. Department of Aesthetic Surgery and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.


2. Department of Aesthetic Medicine


3. Department of Medical Lasers


4. Breast Clinic


5. General Surgery –Laparoscopic Surgery


6. Bariatric Surgery.



To schedule your surgery and to discuss all your questions, please contact us at 210 8940930


Agg. Metaxa & GR. Labraki  21 Street
Post Code. 166 75
Phone.: 210 8940930
Fax: 210 8940915
Mobile.: 6974832064
Mobile.: 6932193181
E-mail: tzamadaki@yahoo.gr
E-mail: krasotitos@yahoo.gr

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