Liposculpture - Liposuction

Liposuction - Liposculpture for years now is the top procedure in plastic surgery. The liposuctions with liposculpture are two techniques, although they have the same basis, they have different indications. Liposculpture is for fat transfer from one part of the body to another, where there is lipodystrophy or early absorption. So, we are able to take fat from the abdomen or thighs and through special processing to place it for Buttock lift and breast augmentation, for dimensional restoration 3D Volumentric Rejuvanation facial etc.


Liposuction on the other hand, involves removing fat from areas in excess «lipodystrophy». This deduction enables us to sculp area with little bumps and bruises.

In clinic Plasis it is applied one of the newest techniques released worldwide through liposuction Laser Vaser. This is for a Liposculpture device, which through specific frequency that it uses, succeeds apart from the classic liposuction, it reduces the time of recovery (ink-swelling) and simultaneous tightening of points where applicable. The mechanism of action is that, through the produced heat, achieves uniformly, and sculpts the fat, while at the same time it causes vasoconstriction.

The quality of fat we get from Laser Vaser is suitable for lipofection (Lipoimplant) after processed properly by Pure Graft. Thus on the one hand we sculpted the area that we got the fat from and on the other we have managed to fix and accentuate the natural curves, breasts, buttocks, face, etc.

Thus, practically solved one of the major problems of liposuction, the "sagging" or relaxation areas where large quantities removed adipose tissue, as well as the waves observed many times in classical liposuction.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the patient returns home the same day. The only obligation is to wear a slim corset for 3-4 weeks, which is almost invisible under clothing.


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