Breast Augmentation

The physical feature associated more with the idea of femininity is definitely the chest. Every woman seeks attention since the breast is the symbol of femininity and sexuality.


A full and firm chest shows youth and health and always arouses strong sexual attraction. The goal of breast augmentation is to give, volume, shape, firmness and natural texture to the breast. Today, after 30 years of scientific tests and research performed on millions of women, breast implants represent a safe and effective choice for women. The duration of breast implant is considered permanent. Depending on the age that the breast surgery is performed, and taking into consideration the fact that the chest and the body will maintain its anatomy, the implants are a permanent solution. But because the anatomical features change through time, you may require a further reform of the breast and possibly replace implants after a period of 15-20 years.


However, there are many women who are satisfied with the results of the surgery, even after 30 years. The new profile of breast implants, ensure a natural look in shape and texture, making unsuspected presence. The signs of surgery are almost invisible, depending on the technique followed, the position and size. The intervention in the breast does not alter the integrity of the mammary gland, and the ability to breastfeed after pregnancy.


The natural outcome of surgery is due firstly to the development of advanced surgical techniques and and naturally shaped implants. The number of women who are fully satisfied from this surgery is increasing gradually.
Breast Augmentation would be a choice for women who have: Subtropical breasts (underdeveloped breasts), women who have breastfed or have lost volume and have an empty looking chest and / or those with a slight droop.



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