Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

The most common problem that men ace today is hair lose. From the age of 40 a big percentage of men deal with a certain degree of hair loss. Four out of five men over 60 have partial balding and two out of five women experience hair thinning.

The medical term for hair loss (androgenic alopecia), is usually due to hereditary predisposition, and this is the first stage for the gradual change from a healthy state of hair, to a thinning and limp state. Usually it starts in the front hair line, and at the top of the head while the side regions are still thicker. The cause is purely genetic and the gene controlling hereditary hair loss acts when the level of androgen rises. This explains why we've already have the initial stages, since puberty. Other factors that can contribute to hair loss are: stress, poor diet, and certain bacteria in the scalp, hormonal disorders, and genetic alopecia which affect both men and women

Hair transplantation is the only SCIENTIFIC documented method, which deals with hair loss safely and successfully. Men and women each year trust the experts to improve their image and boost their confidence. The most sophisticated and modern surgical methods applied at the center Plasis Aesthetic.Plastic.Surgery. Those are the classic strip technique and the F.U.E. Often we may need to use both techniques for your personal surgical plan. Also an even newer technique with the same results of the strip, but with a smaller incision (multiple small strips) in this way we are exempt from the large incision of the strip. The donor area is the one that gives us the hair follicles, while the receiving area is the suffering area.
No space remains in the donor area, because the hairy part that has remained it unites and essentially a fine line remains. In the receiving region new hair are produced from the roots of the hair follicles, just as it would be produced in the donor area.
What is been done, is that the roots simply change position. They are transferred from the back of the scalp wherever it is needed. The hairs grow and behave in their new position as they were growing in the area from which we took them. There maintain the qualities from the area where we took them and they will stay so forever.

The surgery does not require a stay in the clinic and is performed under local anesthesia and intoxication. We then may dye them, and trim them with absolutely no problem. The new hair grows up after 3 months and the results are complete in about 6-8 months. More and more men decide to give themselves a head with healthy hair.


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