Most female patients find that the enlarged labia beyond the operationa problems that they cause in the sex, there are ugly too. Problems face those who have athletic activities and causes discomfort from tight clothing, underwear and swimwear.

The majority of women with hypertrophic labia, was born this way. It is about relative specific nature, whether usually perceived in adolescence. In other women, the problem is exacerbated after pregnancy. Whatever the reasons, surgical reduction of the size of the lips with plastic restoration is the solution to the problem.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia alone or with local anesthesia and intoxication. The operating time is about 2 hours. The patient goes home the same day. Thorough local hygiene and possible antibiotics for a few days is required. Abstaining from exercise and intense activity is recommended for 3 weeks. The patient satisfaction index is very high with the surgery.



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