Naturally full and well-shaped lips have always been an object of admiration.

In recent years, the “cannibalism” of the concept of “aesthetic beauty” has unfortunately affected the area of the lips as well. This unique feature, which holds such significance in a person’s personality, has been distorted by Instagram cameras and filters. It is sad that today’s fashion dictates the “distortion,” mainly among young girls who cannot fully comprehend the aesthetic destruction of their image. The entire aura one should perceive when seeing a beautiful young girl collapses upon encountering ridiculous and irregular “Russian Lips” or the recently trendy named “Ukrainian Lips”!!! It has become a trend where you can’t even drink with a straw…

Inappropriate materials placed in the wrong position by unsuitable injectors, mainly non doctors. We all have an image of this phenomenon and its results.

If your goal is discreet enhancements with perfectly natural results, Dr. Tzamantaki has the experience and aesthetic ability to emphasize and provide a natural and discreet outcome that won’t embarrass you. At the ‘’Clinic of Excellence Plasis’’ only certified FDA and CE materials are used, such as Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, Theosyal, and Revanesse. The application at our clinic is exclusively performed by our own Plastic Surgeon.

Please be informed that at the ‘’Clinic of Excellence Plasis’’, we perform lip augmentation or reshaping, even at older ages. The aim is to reshape the lips, giving you self-confidence and an overall attractive aura without altering your personality.

Clinic Of Excellence Plasis

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