All those distorted faces that we see around us, is not something that could not happen to you. Unsuitable materials from incapable “Physicians” or “Others”, that with syringe at hand and they make money off your face, your health and of course your image. Certainly these are not the only ones to be blamed, but the customers trusting their face to them, are as wll.

“Very often I find myself in the difficult position to correct distortion on the face – lips -eyes badly done from other doctors or other “physicians”. Unfortunately, when they come to my clinic, these problems are usually permanent or really difficult to reconstruct! I always try to educate my patients to be smart and not fall in incapable hands”.

By Dr. Tzamantaki

In our Clinic of Excellence “Plasis”, Dr. Elena Tzamantaki uses only the best material that exists in the world market like Juvederm – Restylane – Belotero-Botulinum Toxin – Bocouture – Sculptra . We cannot achieve those Miraculous Results by using inappropriate, prohibited and cheaper materials. This is our philosophy. Dr, Tzamantaki, during your consultation will give you an expert solution for your problem.

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