The nose is in the center of the face and plays a significant role in overall appearance. Often, small imperfections disturb this harmony.

Non Surgical Nose Job.

When improvement can be achieved non-surgically, without a postoperative recovery period, it’s simply wonderful, like magic! In several cases, a little hyaluronic acid specifically designed for the nose area is enough to enhance the profile of a curved nose or even correct a low tip. With the liquid sculpting of the nose, our Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tzamantaki will be able to non-surgically improve the appearance of your nose in most cases. Not always and not for all problems does surgery have an absolute indication. However, many times a non surgical nose job can improve or even eliminate the problem.

The anatomy and vascularity of the nose are unique, with anatomical characteristics that make it extremely dangerous in the hands of a non-specialist who has never performed a nose surgery.  The terminal arteries at the tip of the nose, as well as the vascular anastomoses intracranially and especially with the ophthalmic nerve, can cause severe problems such as necrosis of the nasal skin and even blindness. Only experienced hands with absolute knowledge of the anatomy can safely achieve a good, bloodless result.

Around the world, including Greece, during the prolonged economic crisis, many cases have emerged where non-specialists or opportunists have unfortunately caused problems such as necrosis of the skin, dyspnea, and infections. Restoration requires dermal grafts, flaps, and complex reconstructive plastic surgery interventions that are performed after extensive burns or removal of skin cancers. Of course, we are not talking about aesthetic plastic surgery procedures here! These are interventions with clearly positive but inferior results that are used because there is no other option after an accident, burn, skin cancer, or total removal. Safety is of paramount importance when seeking an aesthetic result to avoid putting oneself in jeopardy. Moreover, what are the chances of someone who advertises that they do fillers but lacks any scientific training, knowledge (in most cases, they have attended a 3 – 4hour seminar), and only aims to gain easy money from clients to do an excellent job?

As with all non-invasive techniques like fillers and threads, there are clear laws in very few countries that protect the public from such unethical practices and public health risks due to the counterfeiting of the profession. For example, in the United Kingdom, nurses and others without training had official permission to perform injections! Due to numerous complaints and serious problems, the UK government was forced to pass a law in 2014 strictly prohibiting the use of injections by nurses or non-specialized doctors other than plastic surgeons. They had regulated the situation, but then the COVID-19 pandemic came and destroyed everything because people went to opportunists to get injections, resulting in emergency departments and clinics being flooded with serious problems such as necrosis, inflammation, deformities, and all sorts of malpractice.

In our clinic, we always respect the principle of the reconstructive ladder, meaning that if something can be done without surgery, we do it. However, when surgery is the exclusive solution, you will be fully informed about the reasons and the available options from the beginning.

The ‘’Clinic of Excellence Plasis’’ is the first clinic since 2018 to have the original technology called Vectra XT by Ganfield, which allows the virtual sculpting of the face, chest, and body, just as it will be done in the operating room, so that you can see your nose in three dimensions from all angles. Before the procedure or surgery, you can approximately see how you will look afterward. This is a tool that our clinic has invested in, so that you can enjoy high-quality aesthetic plastic surgery services. Our goal is to always recommend the best possible option for you, so that you can enjoy the best version of yourself.

Clinic Of Excellence Plasis

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