One of the most popular sculpting techniques involves using liposuction to remove fat from one part of the body that is in excess and inject it into the breasts or buttocks or face, after of course having it purified. The Macro fat “Lipoimplant” for buttocks is the famous Brazilian Butt Lift- BBL. We can sculpt all the buttocks area and give more size and shape on the breasts.

The Nano fat Grafting technique includes the addition of stem cells, collected from the patient’s own fat, which helps assimilate the Nano Fat Grafting as a functional part of the Breast, Buttock, Face, Neck, Décolleté, hands, etc.

The results are totally Natural, leaving you with reshaped and augmented breasts or buttocks that require no general anesthesia, scalpels or downtime. Nano fat Grafting on the face- neck- décolleté- hands, helps regenerate your skin with younger skin quality, glowing and more reshaped lines on the face.

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Fat transfer augmentation method works best for women that want only a small increase in volume and prefer more natural- looking results. Injecting fat in the breasts or buttocks, will not only make them look completely natural, but will also feel just like real breast- buttock tissue. This is because the Fat Filler is basically composed from the same substances found in real breast tissue.

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