It has been characterized as the "Elixir of Youth." Fat is the only tissue in adult life that is extremely rich in stem cells.

The unique characteristics of autologous fat and stem cells have become the subject of modern medical research and the development of new therapies in the last decade. Adipose cells are a true “treasure.”

The technology of liposuction, which removes fat cells from our body while preserving and not destroying the stem cells contained within them, is of paramount importance. Vaser Lipo liposuction, using ultrasound technology, manages to remove fat cells intact and completely vital. Fat is extracted from areas of the body where it is in excess, such as the abdomen, waist, love handles, jowls, legs, and so on. Depending on what we want to achieve, we can prepare different qualities of fat grafts such as Macro, Micro, Milli and Nanofat.These are different preparations with different uses, for example, Macrofat is mainly used in the breasts and buttocks, known as Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL, while Micro and Nanofat are used in the face. Exclusively Nanofat is used in the neck, décolleté, and hands. Breast augmentation can be performed with fat grafting, achieving an increase of up to one cup size. The favorite S Curve technique by Dr. Tzamantaki includes the breasts, waist, and buttocks.

In the face, the combination of Micro and Nanofat Transfer is remarkable. It is autologous fat that gives us a 3D Liquid Lift, but at the same time, after 2-3 months, Nanofat regenerates new skin. It increases elasticity, firmness, and improves the quality of the skin, making it appear much younger.

At the ‘’Clinic Of Excellence Plasis’’ we will inform you about how you can undergo a 3D Liquid Lift using your own fat.

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