Dracula therapy also known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), is the hottest trend in anti-aging right now, used by celebrities worldwide. Vampire lift is said to be a miracle skin treatment, that brings back to life dull skin and skin with scars. It is a powerful, anti-aging treatment that uses your own blood to help revive your skin cells, stimulate DNA, repair scars and give the skin a youthful appearance. The treatment is designed to combat the signs of aging, without the need for surgery.


A small amount of blood is extracted from the patient into a sterile tube likewise a standard blood sample. The tube that contains the patient’s blood is placed in a machine, that separates the plasma and platelets from the other blood components. After a few minutes the enriched plasma with concentrated and energized platelets is injected back into your face and/or in around desired sites.

Vampire Lift with enriched platelet plasma stimulates DNA, repairs, assists in the healing of scars and is beneficial of treating dry, wrinkled and lack luster skin, helping it feel and look younger more natural. In our Clinic of Excellence “Plasis”, we work with the most clinically effective Platelet Rich Plasma, in the market, Depending on your personal needs, we propose to you a series of Platelet Rich Plasma treatments, so you can achieve the best possible results!!!

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