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Balloon Pill

Weight loss program without anesthesia, surgery or downtime!!!
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It is truth. The weight loss balloon pill is revolutionary non-invasive weight loss procedure that involves a patient’s swallowing a gastric pill into the stomach, where it is then inflated to roughly size of a grapefruit and remains there for up to 4 months. At the and of the time, the body passes the now deflated gastric balloon via natural methods. No endoscopy, no anesthesia, no pain or downtime.

Discover your Balloon

The Elipse balloon is a soft balloon placed in our stomach. It is the first gastric balloon that requires no surgery, endoscopy, anesthesia or down time for placement or removal. With the help, of our expert medical team, the sense of fullness created by your balloon, you can change your eating habits and reclaim, control of your heart, diabetes, high blood pressure, pain on your knees etc.

How does the balloon – pill work?

The Elipse balloon creates a feeling of fulness allowing you to eat less without the hunger that accompanies diets. The food you do eat stays in your stomach longer, reinforcing the feeling of fullness and enabling you to skip snacks between meals. Clinical studies have consistently demonstrated that gastric balloons provide more significant weight loss that diet and exercise alone.

Why Gastric Balloons?

Weight loss balloons have become widely – accepted tools, providing more substantial and sustained weight loss than diet and exercise alone. Great advantage that requires no surgery, endoscopy or anesthesia for placement or removal.

Why the Elipse balloon?

The Elipse balloon is the world’s first and only weight loss balloon that is placed and removed without requiring endoscopy or anesthesia. It is placed during a brief 20 minutes outpatient visit. After four months in the body it automatically deflates and passes safely though the digestive tract.

What happens when the balloon is gone?

By the time the balloon passes, your body will be accustomed to feeling healthy and energized with smaller proportions.

What results can I expect?

Elipse program combines diet and lifestyle changes and lead to meaningful weight loss: following 16 weeks of therapy patients lose 15kg on average health benefits include improved glycemic control, lower cholesterol and blood pressure and high reported quality of life.

What happens if I decide to have an Elipse Balloon?

Your physician will conduct a thorough exam and investigate your medical history to confirm that the Elipse Balloon is right for you. After your decision the device is placed during a brief 20min office visit and following physician approval you return to normal activities immediately following placement. Four months after placement the Elipse automatically deflates and passes naturally, without the need for a procedure or even an office visit for removal.

How can I get started?

Talk to your doctor to see if you are an ideal candidate for the Elipse Program.

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