Beautiful and youthful gaze without surgery. The non-invasive technique that accentuates the eyes and gives the so-called "Manneken Look."

Social media has recently been flooded with the biggest trend in celebrity appearances, known as “Foxy Eyes” or “Cat Eyes.”

It gives the female face a youthful and intensely fresh eye shape, similar to beautiful models; that’s why it’s also called Model’s Eye Lift!!! It elongates the upper eyelid and lifts the outer corner to achieve a more attractive gaze.

The technique is performed using special Thread Lift APTOS threads (the latest generation of Plastic Surgery threads) with small 4Dbarbs that expand in four dimensions, maximizing the lifting effect.

The threads not only lift and reshape the cheek area and the eye area but also activate fibroblasts, resulting in increased collagen and elastin production for a long period after the treatment.

The experienced doctors at our clinic will guide you to achieve the desired result.

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