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Face Sculpting

Creating a more youthful face, free of wrinkles, firmness, and other signs of aging, or an alabaster complexion without signs of photodamage, acne, and unwanted hair can only be achieved by a truly expert Plastic Surgeon who possesses the appropriate state-of-the-art technology! Dr. Tzamantaki helps you achieve this with a Facesculpting combined with the best clinically proven treatments, worldwide, such as Lasers, Techniques for biomodulation of the skin, Threads, Skin tightening medical devices, IPL, Skin boosters, Nano Fat Transfer, Vampire Lift, Exosome Lift, and others clinical approval treatments.

It creates a harmonious contour on the face, eliminates dark circles and fatigue from your eyes, shapes your cheeks, enhances your lips, or performs a Total 3D Facial Sculpting. Dr. Tzamantaki’s 20 years of experience and involvement in over 10,000 cases of non-invasive or minimally invasive 3D Facesculpting are essential elements for the undeniable controlled natural results she offers to your image.

If your goal is discreet improvements with exceptionally natural results without the headache of possible “distortion” then Dr. Tzamantaki possesses the technical expertise, aesthetic ability, and experience to achieve exactly what you desire. This is also her reputation over the years, as people from different parts of the world trust her. She provides them with the “secret – the elixir of youth with absolute natural results.” Just “Let them guess.”

How is it different from treating wrinkles with hyaluronic acid?

The only thing you must understand is that inflating your lips or cheekbones with HA or having men enhance the angles of their jawline to appear more masculine has nothing to do with a perfectly executed 3D Facesculpting! Every face, every anatomy, and even the same person at different times has unique individualized needs. Restoring a face to a younger age without incisions, distortion, or recovery time is a demanding and challenging process in terms of both financial cost and technical expertise. A remarkable result cannot be achieved by inexperienced injectors or simply opportunistic entrepreneurs who will do your nasolabial folds or lips with HA fillers! Get properly informed, think smartly, and don’t leave your image and health in the hands of those who aim solely for easy money.

How is a 3D Sculpting of the face done?

It is a non-invasive sculpting procedure where the soft tissues of the face are restored to their previous youthful state using different types of fillers or various preparations such as Lipofilling, Micro fat, Macro fat, or Nano fat depending on the anatomical location. All these together restore the 3D image of your face with only 4 or 6 microscopic openings, without pain. It restores the fat atrophy caused by aging uniformly, without causing facial swelling, allowing the tissues to recover. In the upper and middle third of the face, where there are stable bones, the procedure is relatively easier for both female and male faces. The challenge and artistic skill are evident in the mobile lower third of the face. There, with a particular technique, one must address atrophy and sagging on one hand while improving the preexisting sagging on the other. In 3D Facesculpting, the natural restoration and firmness of the skin should not be bypassed, as the quality of the skin is crucial and literally “awakens” it. Details such as how much material to use in a specific location and what quality to choose are extremely important and constitute the work of a “sculptor.” The result lasts for 3-4 years with HA fillers, while Fat Graft can last over 10 years. If not maintained after 3 years, you will have gained several years of a better image. However, if maintained, you will “grow” without “aging” – yes, with wrinkles, just enough to add charm.

“Trust your face to an experienced and capable Plastic Surgeon, a reliable scientist. For a beautiful and natural result, a detailed evaluation of facial characteristics is required to create a perfectly harmonious outcome.”

Dr. Elena Tzamantaki

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