Correction through Injectable Treatments

All these “altered” faces we see every day around us are something that could happen to you as well. Inappropriate materials used by unqualified “doctors” or others (such as dentists, aestheticians, physical therapists, trainers, entrepreneurs) who, with a syringe in hand, try to extract less money from you, distorting the natural features of your face and risking your mental and physical health at the same time. Of course, the responsibility does not lie solely with them but primarily with you, as you choose them.

‘’Often, I find myself in the unpleasant position of having to correct malpractice on faces performed by other unexpected doctors, but mainly by self-proclaimed ‘’injectors’’ who have little to do with medicine. Most of the time, the correction is easy, but sometimes it is extremely difficult, time-consuming, and with significant psychological costs. The likelihood of performing a non-invasive Aesthetic Plastic Surgery procedure correctly by a non-specialist, let alone an unqualified doctor, is, as you can understand, an ‘’unattainable dream’’. Sculpting a face with injectables requires experience, mastery, and years of specialization to restore soft tissues uniformly, naturally, and harmoniously. Fine balances in facial aesthetics are extremely important, and certainly, cheap internet advertising will not give you a result that it simply cannot deliver. Do not resort to cheap solutions, do not choose something just because someone you know recommended it, and do not trust ‘doctors’ or ‘specialists’ you do not know! Be very careful, you are making a decision that concerns both your health and your appearance’’.

Dr. Elena Tzamantaki

At the ‘’Clinic of Excellence Plasis’’ we only use the best and certified materials from the global market, such as Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, Theosyal, The original brand of Botulinium toxin, Revanesse, Sculptra, all certified by CE and FDA. You cannot achieve the “Magical” results that these materials offer in unskilled hands or with inappropriate, prohibited, and cheap materials. During your clinic examination, Dr. Tzamantaki will suggest the antiaging treatment that is individually most suitable for you.

Clinic Of Excellence Plasis

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