The permanent marks left on the face by acne, especially during adolescence, cause a significant psychological problem that tends to magnify throughout adult life.

The advancements in medical technology, biotechnology of lasers, our discoveries in the healing power of Stem Cells, as well as our knowledge regarding the permanent healing of the subcutaneous tissue and the skin, are our current weapons against the permanent reversal and complete disappearance of acne scars.

Acne and acne scars can prove a severe challenge to confidence in how we feel about our looks. Our  methods are designed and customized to your specific problem, for give you back control over your appearance. Through minimally invasive or completely non invasive acne scar removal treatment options,  you can achieve the clearer skin you deserve.

At the ‘’Clinic Of Excellence Plasis’’, we possess all the leading equipment, various biotechnological materials, lasers, and we know exactly how to ensure the permanent removal of your scars. Our doctors can prescribe the appropriate antibiotics, retinoids, glycolic acid, and hormone control contraceptives for active acne, or even the last step treatment, Roaccutane, if necessary.  As for the permanent scars in inactive acne, we have all the necessary authentic Medical Devices and knowledge to provide a definitive solution of the scars. By following the instructions of our medical staff and the therapeutic protocols they recommend, you will be permanently relieved of your problem.

 The secret to success, lies in the proper and effective treatment, not in “selling” you a treatment that have insufficient results for the skin and subcutaneous tissue . Acne scars affects all the skin layers and the deeper, subcutaneous.

A wonderful, smooth, radiant, and youthful skin is something that the ‘’Clinic of Excellence Plasis’’ can undoubtedly offer you. We also provide specialised personal home care to help you achieve better and quicker what you desire.

How can I get rid of scars?

After your clinical examination at the ‘’Clinic of Excellence Plasis’’ you will be given precise and detailed instructions regarding the method or possible combination therapies to eliminate acne scars permanently and definitively. Dr. Tzamantaki, who is scientifically responsible, never suggests a treatment that won’t be beneficial. With her experience, she guides you towards the most effective and fastest path to achieve the desired results. You will be thoroughly explained all the necessary stages that you personally need, without generalizations, to solve your problem. Also, you should be aware that achieving healthy skin reversal does not happen instantly. However, there are faster approaches, usually with a higher financial cost.

How do stem cells help with acne scars?

In recent years, most of the medical research has been focused on the “treasure of stem cells”. Stem cells are primitive cells that have the ability to differentiate into various cell types in our bodies, such as muscle cells, nerve cells, connective tissue cells, skin cells, liver cells, bone cells, cartilage cells, and more. They have tremendous potential in advancing the treatment of diseases that were previously unimaginable. Unfortunately, in adult life, we can only obtain these cells from the adipose tissue in our bodies, while at birth, our umbilical cord blood is extremely rich in them. You may have heard of stem cell banks, especially storage laboratories that preserve umbilical cord stem cells immediately after birth under special conditions. In the future, one could resort to these banks, allowing specialized laboratories to multiply and provide the material ready for use in various diseases such as arthritis, cartilage disorders, immune system diseases, and many other different conditions.

Unfortunately, not all adults have been able to store umbilical cord stem cells in a stem cell bank at the time of their birth. This technique has only been available in Greece for the past 20 years.

The only tissue extremely rich in vital stem cells in adult life is adipose tissue. Therefore, a specialized technology called Vaser  Lipo is required for liposuction to ensure the cells do not die during the extraction process. After that, our fat needs to be processed and purified correctly so that it can be re-injected into the affected areas. In the case mentioned, it would be the scars caused by acne, specifically in the tissue beneath the skin and within the dermis, known as Micro Graft or Nano Fat Grafting. It is in these areas where the stem cells will produce new cells of the subcutaneous and dermal tissue over the following weeks, essentially creating a healthy new skin. It sounds marvelous, but this is the reality. The miraculous clinical results of stem cells in the advancement and treatment of diseases in medicine have preceded their reputation over the past 10 years. The future looks extremely promising, especially with the latest discoveries of exosomes. More and more chronic diseases will reach therapeutic levels, even leading to complete healing.

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