The power of technology combined with our Medical Aesthetics offer substantial Beauty Treatments of Anti Aging with quick, painless and natural results.


Botulinum Toxin, Fillers (Restylane Juvederm), Needling, Mesotherapy, Peels, Laser-Skin Tightening, Laser Resurfacing, Fraxel, are just some of the tools we have in our hands to achieve the MIRACLE. A flawless, bright, glowing face, every woman dreams of. Men have specific problems that need to be solved with non-invasive treatments such as (wrinkles, sagging, acne scars, etc.). They have a totally different approach of the healthy image of their face.

The Anti-aging is a process that combines different treatments to achieve the desired effect.
In the Clinic of Excellence  “Plasis” the specialized personnel under the supervision of Plastic Surgeon Dr. Elena Tzamantaki with the help of Advanced Technology Devices, in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, we give definitive solutions to the existing problems (post-traumatic scars, after burn scars, acne scars, freckles, melasma, blemishes, spider veins, etc.) and followed by specialized personnel protocols for Anti Aging.

Nobody is similar to another and so is the therapeutic protocol, that’s why they differ.

The goal is always the restoration of a healthy – youthful natural appearance.

Both invasive treatments and non-invasive treatments performed at the Clinique “Plasis” by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tzamantaki Elena and the specialized team that offers exactly this, a healthy, fresh, youthful face with a natural result.

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