The hernia repair mini lap is performed using local anesthetic and a small cut (incision) of only 2.5cm, is made. Mesh is placed over the defect to reinforce the belly wall and minimize postsurgical pain (tension-free technique). Experiencing less pain is also due to the size of the incision.

Since we are using a local anesthetic, there is no need to place a Foley catheter which means less postsurgical urinary issues. Most people who have laparoscopic hernia repair surgery are able to go home the same day, even in less than 3 hours after the surgery takes place. The doctor will subscribe antibiotics and painkillers for 4 days. Even though, the patient can be mobile the day after, we usually recommend allowing the healing to take place in their home for the first 3 days.


The patient will have to closely follow doctor’s instructions, the day prior to surgery. At 8 pm, the patient will have his last meal for the day and will take a shower, cut his fingernails and brush his/her teeth. In case the patient is on medication, he/she will continue taking it, unless the doctor advises him/ her otherwise. The morning of the surgery, the patient has to arrive at the clinic or the hospital at 7:30am, fasted and ready for all pre-surgical tests. The tests that will be done are in regard to the patient’s age, the kind of anesthesia that will be used and/or other health issues the patient might have. If there are other severe health issues, pre-surgical testing must take place a few days before the surgery is performed.


  • You are not allowed to drive for at least 12 hours after the surgery
  • You will have to stay at home, on the same day, once you are released from the hospital
  • The convalescent period is at a 3 days minimum, after the surgery
  • Diet routine can be resumed immediately unless the doctor has advised otherwise
  • Follow you prescriptions as instructed by your doctor
  • In case you show symptoms of fever, contact your doctor immediately

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