The Clinic of Excellence «Plasis» is an exclusive, private Medical Clinic that specializes in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, medical beauty treatments and Breast Surgery, with great success since 2010.

Dr. Elena Tzamantaki, M.D PhD is the lead Plastic Surgeon and Founder of “Plasis” Clinic. Our practice provides a wide range of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery services.  We are specialized in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, minimally invasive and non-invasivecosmeticservices.In addition to that, our Breast Clinic provides comprehensive care and surgery for people who have breast canceror several other breast conditions.

Dr. Titos Krasonikolakis, M.D PhD is a Surgeon, specialized in breast surgery and is in charge of the Breast Department of our clinic. Our vast surgical experience ranks us as Leaders, since we are able to deal with excellent results, regarding any breast condition, from doing a One Stage Breast Mastectomy and Reconstruction to beating breast cancer on its core. Our philosophy is to be able to offer excellent Medical Services in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, non- invasive treatments, breast diseases and Advanced Medical Aesthetic, only to the highest standards and by offering you top of the line products and technical equipment.

“Plasis”, is the only medical facility of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in the Balkans area, that has access and provide you with leading, high tech machines, such as: Coolsculpting by Zeltiq non invasive liposuction,  , Fraxel Restore  for skin rejuvenation, Thermage CPT non invasive face and neck lift, 3D Vectra XT Virtual Imagine System, 3D High Definition Liposculpture Vaser Lipo, Laser Juliet Vaginal Resurfacing and Tightening, Cocοon Skin Tightening, Laser Soprano Ice, LaserGene’Ο Skin Oxygenation, Opera Mask Led Light Treatment, Smart Peel Microdermabrasion and many more. We are constantly renewing our technologies in order to give you access to the best medical products available, without taking cost under consideration. “Your result must be exceptional”andthat is why we offer all of the above in a luxurious, relaxing, extremely professional setting that guards your privacy.

In Clinic of Excellence “Plasis”, we are interested in having the best experience of your life along with the best results available in the world that will satisfy you to the maximum.

“Keep the Guessing!”

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