It is the treatment with Botulinum Toxin specifically for the male face. It is essential to avoid feminizing the forehead!

Wrinkle eliminator.

It is the number one worldwide treatment for wrinkle elimination. It is used in many treatments such as blepharospasm, involuntary repetitive grinding of teeth (bruxism), extracranial migraines, spastic paralysis of limbs, and hyperhidrosis. However, it is widely known for its therapeutic properties in eliminating wrinkles. It has been globally recognized as the “magic liquid.”

The male face has completely different needs than the female face, requiring customization and avoiding the so-called “Devil Eyes” or a surprised look!

Attention must be paid not to feminize the upper third of the face, not to enlarge the forehead, and consequently, not to push the hairline backward, resembling early hair thinning or even worsening an existing condition. We call it Brotox precisely to distinguish it clinically from the corresponding treatment in female anatomy.

How does it work?

Toxin, in pharmacology, refers to a substance that blocks neuromuscular junctions. It is not toxic, as some misconstrue! It selectively blocks the movement of mimic muscles, resulting in the elimination of expression lines, causing mild lifting of the treated area, and many other effects that summarize the magical clinical properties of Botulinum Toxin. It is no coincidence that it has been the most widespread anti-aging treatment worldwide all these years.

It delays the sagging of the entire face, especially eyelids, and eyebrows. It maintains and preserves the upper third of the face in excellent condition over the years. This entails delaying a tired appearance, postponing the need for an upper blepharoplasty, and essentially keeping the eyes and gaze youthful.

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It is a necessary tool, painless and quick, for masculinizing the forehead and overall facial rejuvenation. Often, it is an integral part of Facesculpting or Scarless Lift procedures. Through selective and wise use, it delays aging. Your meeting with Dr. Tzamantaki will clarify whether you can safely benefit from Botulinum Toxin treatment without distortions.

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