Men know exactly what they need! They take advantage of the advancements in Aesthetics Plastic Surgery with one condition!

Not to be ridiculed or alter their masculine characteristics! They simple want to emphasize them.

Certainly, the desired goal is respectable and understandable, especially in our days when we increasingly see men with feminized characteristics! Dr. Tzamantaki has been striving for years to inform the public that the male face cannot be “inflated” with hyaluronic acid like the female face! The anatomy of the male face is completely different, and any touch should enhance masculinity, strength, and not curves like in the female face.

A perfect Liquid Facelift on the male face requires special skills, experience, and foresight from the doctor, so that the renewed image can turn back the clock by 10 years without surgery, if it emphasizes masculine characteristics. It is true that all treatments are specialized for the female audience, which started many years ago to engage in non-invasive therapies, and everything has evolved based on female characteristics. “Many times, we have to preserve some wrinkles in specific areas. Only then can I achieve truly exceptional results.” The bloodless masculinization of your characteristics by Dr. Tzamantaki will give you what you seek. A natural return of your image in time, while ensuring the predictability of the outcome in experienced hands.

“Keep them guessing”

Our first meeting at the ‘’Clinic of Excellence Plasis’’

If you have already been introduced by a patient who has undergone this specific procedure, then words are unnecessary at the first meeting. If this is your first encounter with Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, then the doctor will examine you clinically and explain in detail how you will achieve the “coveted” result. The renewed, fresh image without surgery, recovery time, and with the absolute assurance of the outcome.

Clinic Of Excellence Plasis

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