The central characteristic of the face, the male nose, clearly has different aesthetic needs. It requires a different surgical approach compared to the female nose.

In the male face, a masculine nose plays a fundamental role in strength and robustness. The aesthetic proportions in the middle third of the male face require different measurements compared to the female face. It is the characteristic that must be perfectly harmonized with the rest of the face, including the distance between the eyes, the height of the forehead, the angles of the lower jaw, the chin, and the lips. There are many differences, which is why there are numerous and varied needs for rhinoplasty – profiloplasty.

The aesthetic harmony and your post-operative image are easy to see before the surgery with the Vectra XT technology. 3D Consultation plays a particularly important role in this procedure because it allows you to see the possible surgical options in three dimensions beforehand. In profiloplasty, achieving a masculine balance between the nose and the chin is of paramount importance, and the goal must be achieved correctly. The Vectra XT helps you understand what our doctor describes, allowing you to see it three-dimensionally and realistically on your face.

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The artistic creation of a beautiful nose is relative; it depends on your desires, aspirations, and the goals you seek from an Aesthetic Plastic Surgery procedure. They should correspond to reality, be achievable within an overall harmonious framework, and be aesthetically balanced with the rest of your face and your personality. This is precisely the difficulty in Facial Aesthetic Surgery.

In addition to meeting respectable aesthetic standards, it must also align with your personality. Dr. Tzamantaki will dedicate time to understand your desires and goals. She will explain in detail all the procedures related to your surgery and the post-operative care required. Our doctor will answer and clarify all your doubts.

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