A nose is noticeable only when it is out of balance from the rest of the face, whether it is too large, too wide or misshaped. If you are not satisfied with the shape or proportion of your nose, you are most likely not satisfied with your overall facial appearance. Rhinoplasty improves the way you look at yourself, as well as how others see you.

Using the sophisticated 3D VECTRA XT , you and your surgeon can make virtual modifications to your nose before surgery in order to find the aesthetic result you desire. Many men increase their self-confidence and satisfaction in their facial appearance or they simply breath better after the right nose surgery. Our patients choose rhinoplasty for their own personal reasons that often include:

  • Enhancing the size or shape of the nose
  • Repairing damage caused by an injury
  • Improvement or restoration of breathing
  • Complementing another Facial Sculpting procedure such as Eyelid Surgery, Face Lift or Chin Liposuction

Rhinoplasty usually is performed under general anesthesia. The operation takes about one to two hours, although more complicated procedures can take longer. Most incisions are concealed inside the nose or along its natural creases, leaving no noticeable evidence of the surgery.


Visualize the results that can be achieved from your procedure with computer simulation from 3D VECTRA XT. This advance technology can help you and your surgeon to determine the best approach for creating the results you want.

After recovery our rhinoplasty patients are usually thrilled with the more balanced and attractive look of their face. It’s amazing to see how greatly men and woman alike can enhance their appearance and their self-esteem by improving just one facial feature.

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Visualize the results that can be achieved from your procedure with computer simulations from the VECTRA 3D imaging system.

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Many men and woman choose rhinoplasty to restore or improve their breathing, for example by correcting a deviated septum. In this case the procedure is considered to be functional surgery and is often covered by health insurance. While it is the patient’s responsibility to verify his/her own insurance coverage, we are happy to assist you in any way possible.

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