The favorite laser treatment of Hollywood stars. The "Clinic Of Excellence Plasis" is the clinic that offers all the technological advancements of the global market, approved by the FDA and CE, truly giving you new skin!

Jennifer Lopez has officially admitted publicly “that she can’t do without it” – Fraxel Restore by Soltra Medical, an authentic American laser treatment approved by the FDA, which truly renews the skin and not just the epidermis (dead layers of skin cells). It is the ultimate treatment that eliminates wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, post-operative scars, and overall stimulates the body to produce new skin.

The special disposable tip is the secret that calibrates specifically to your skin and your needs, based on the data provided by your doctor. Just one treatment is enough to regenerate up to 20% of your skin, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance. The new skin is more elastic, firmer, and free from wrinkles, spots, and signs of aging. It’s New Skin! The regeneration and how it works are spectacular, especially for acne scars, post-traumatic scars, and post-operative scars. All this without superficial burns or feeling like someone has burnt you through a sieve! Absolutely controlled mild swelling that lasts only a few hours. At the “Clinic Of Excellence Plasis” you stay for 1 hour after the treatment with a special soothing mask. This provides us with more than 80% reduction in irritation and redness. When you leave, there is a very mild irritation that appears as if you’ve been exposed to the sun or been in a tanning bed.

Within 2 weeks, you will experience the complete skin renewal we described earlier. The ultimate rejuvenation of your skin with increased elasticity and a healthy appearance. Fraxel technology produces it and has been the No. 1 top treatment for true regeneration for the past 15 years. The global market, mainly China, has tried to manufacture copycat lasers, but unfortunately, they have not been successful. The secret lies in the disposable tip that is consumed during your treatment after it has been calibrated to your specific needs.

During our first meeting, you will understand the clear difference that the authentic FDA-approved and cleared advanced technology makes compared to copycat machines of Fraxional mainly of Chinese and Korean origin. The authentic medical technology that truly “works wonders” is particularly expensive and cannot be found in an aesthetic center or a clinic that has invested in Chinese replica machines.

At the “Clinic Of Excellence Plasis” we have invested and continue to invest exclusively in technology with proven excellent clinical results, renowned worldwide. We do this because we aim to provide only top-quality health and beauty services for our clients.

Clinic Of Excellence Plasis

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