You have worked hard to lose weight and improve the appearance of your abdomen through diet and exercise programs. You have reached your ideal weight, but you are not satisfied with the shape of your body. Then it's time to consider the solution offered by Modern Plastic Surgery.

The male body differs significantly from the female body in terms of anatomy and the abdominal region. The abdominal muscles are much stronger and have a greater amount of muscle mass. The fascia that connects the two rectus abdominis muscles, right and left, is more resistant and durable than in the female body. Men have thicker and more elastic skin and subcutaneous tissue compared to females. As a result, the abdominal area and waist circumference are less prone to “sagging.” The abdominal muscles recover more easily with exercise, and the need for Abdominoplasty and Circumferential Abdominoplasty is mainly observed after significant and rapid weight loss. These procedures are more common in individuals who have undergone Bariatric Surgery and have lost 50-80 kg!

In the pursuit of excellent surgical refinement of the area, Dr. Tzamantaki has all the necessary tools, such as Renuvion, the old named J Plasma, and Vaser Lipo to create surgical tightening and reduce the extent of incisions or even eliminate dermo lipectomy areas, such as the posterior aspect of the trunk and waist, so that a “circumferential abdominoplasty” is not necessary but only an anterior abdominal wall procedure. Vaser Liposuction with 3D Hi-Definition Liposculpture is another tool that complements the sculpting of the area and contributes to achieving even more beautiful and aesthetic postoperative results.

Modern Plastic Surgery, with its appropriate tools, truly has possibilities that we could only imagine some years ago! Today, advanced techniques, with their additional capabilities, produce significantly better and more harmonious aesthetic results and, at the same time, a better quality of life for those undergoing modern Plastic Surgery procedures.

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It is important to understand that your body has unique needs. In “serious” Plastic Surgery, there are no magicians or magic machines. The science of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, with experience, knowledge, abilities, and the use of modern “tools”, can truly produce the “miracle”. This is the modern surgery of perfection, and anyone who does not possess the appropriate tools cannot achieve the same results.

In your meeting with Dr. Tzamantaki, you will receive complete information on how your goals and desires can be achieved. The entire perioperative period will be fully explained to you in detail. With Vectra XT, you will be able to see a 3D approximation of your body after the procedure. However, you will have a clear understanding of your postoperative image.

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