Different techniques of plastic surgery are required for the male face compared to the female face. The anatomy is different, and the hairline creates different needs for face and neck lifting.

The Artistic Creation of Men Face Lift.

A rejuvenation of a male face, a reversal of time in appearance, maintaining a dignified look without altering the characteristics, is highly sought after! The best natural image easily gives a social pass compared to a tired and worn-out middle-aged gentleman who wants to assert themselves. On the other hand, any alteration, distortion, or feminization of the features can have particularly negative social consequences.

Aesthetic plastic surgery and the approach taken by a different plastic surgeon are different. Essentially, the doctor signs off on each interested individual. The face and neck are areas that are visible, judged, and criticized by everyone. You cannot hide or cover them in any way. Many Hollywood stars, such as Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone (who has significantly improved lately), and many others who did not choose a skilled plastic surgeon specializing in the male face, are now unfortunately examples of “malpractice”.Conversely, there are many examples of stars who have had excellent aesthetic surgeries.

Understanding the importance of aesthetic plastic surgery in your face is crucial. What it can offer you, how, through which procedure, if it is reversible, and what possible complications may arise. We have already mentioned that the “magicians” and “wonder workers”are outside the offices of skilled plastic surgeons!

Dr. Tzamantaki, with years of experience in aesthetic interventions on the male face, will guide you correctly, with absolute sincerity and respect for the Restorative Scale of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In other words, achieving the maximum result with the least possible incisions and trauma, she will direct you towards having a completely natural, fresh, and masculine image. It is particularly important that her choices ensure all the above. She possesses all the knowledge, experience, and excellent “tools” to fulfill your ambitions. Distortion, alteration of characteristics, and generally the demand for an unacceptable aesthetic outcome are red lines for her and the reasons she will refuse to take you on. As we mentioned before, the plastic surgeon signs on your face and is judged for the result.

“Let them wonder!”

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