The non-invasive and painless restoration of a tired appearance without blepharoplasty and the required recovery time sounds "magical"!

Non Invasive Mid Face Lift

It is the favorite treatment of Hollywood stars. The eyes and gaze are the first characteristic of our face that reveals our age.

But is it true that it is also the favorite non-invasive treatment of Dr. Tzamantaki for exactly this reason? With over 20 years of experience and more than 20,000 Mid Face cases, as she calls them, she is known for the results she achieves. However, it is not magic!!! It is the ultimate knowledge of anatomy in the area, years of experience, and abilities that, with a highly refined technique, can sculpt the area like a sculptor removes the years of a tired appearance from a sculpture.

The result is immediately visible but improves significantly in the following weeks. That’s why our patients call it “magical”. Any pre-existing eyelid hernias are sculpted in such a way as to cancel or postpone the need for lower blepharoplasty. The perfectly controlled, natural, fresh image is the desired outcome, and the male population fully appreciates the work done in the center of the face, painlessly and without recovery time, to eliminate the tired appearance. It is also particularly important to note that once the area is restored correctly, the result lasts for more than 2-3 years. If you have a touch-up, it can last even longer. In general, it is a non-invasive, painless procedure that restores the mid-third of the face to a younger state. The duration of the result and the relocation of natural aging to the center of the face make it the top noninvasive treatment choice for our doctor.

Let’s differentiate it from what is usually done by other doctors, which is filling the so-called “Tears Through” area with HA. The Mid Face is the sculpting of the entire mid-third of the face, including the central fat pads, the lower eyelid area of the entire eye socket from the inner to the outer canthus, the zygomatic arch, and in many cases, the “Masculinization of the face” includes the internal triangles of the Mid Face.

To achieve the safe sculpting of the center of the face, Dr. Tzamantaki only uses the best FDA-approved and CE-marked specialized products for the eyes and the Mid Face.

Another way to restore the Mid Face is to use your own fat with Nano Fat Grafting and Micro Fat Grafting, which can also sculpt the sensitive area of the Mid Face and eliminate dark circles and bags with stunning results.

Your examination by Dr. Tzamantaki

She will examine you and guide you correctly so that your choices reward your image in a natural and completely controlled way. Always respecting the corrective scale, our doctor will initially suggest what can be done better with the least tissue trauma and the maximum result. This is why the Mid Face is her favorite treatment.

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