“Every block of stone has a statue inside of it,

and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it”

_ Michelangelo_

 Using her techniques and advanced technologies Dr. Tzamantaki can shape a perfect curve or sculpt and define a six pack. This is not a traditional liposuction. With High-Def Liposculpture, every detail is perfectly and meticulously designed not only to remove fat, but also to tighten the skin, refine and contour musculature and rid stubborn fat to create a stunning result.

Why be great when you can be exceptional?

High Definition body contouring can give you the most admired body or fix any imperfections.

High-Def Liposculpture is performed to remove unwanted localized stubborn fat (deposits of fat cells). Liposuction is the only choice for you if you have been on a diet and you are exercising, but there are still stubborn areas of fat that will not go away. While liposuction is not a replacement of a healthy lifestyle or an alternative to weight loss, it can make you look and feel great.

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Visualize the results that can be achieved from your procedure with computer simulations from the VECTRA 3D imaging system.

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Visualize the results that can be achieved from your procedure, with computer simulation from 3D VECTRA XT. This advanced technology can help you and your surgeon determine the best approach and create the results you want.

It is important for plastic surgery patients to remember that this procedure is meant for body contouring and is not a treatment for obesity. You need to be close to your body weight to be an ideal candidate. It is critical to have the right goals, that means contouring and reshaping rather than seeing smaller number on the scale. To help you visualize what liposculpture can accomplish, we offer the 3D VECTRA  XT.

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