The specialized and experienced team at "Clinic Of Excellence Plasis" will propose the best possible solution for your problem.

Different clinical conditions require different treatments. It is important for the diagnosis to be accurate, so that the result of the treatment is the correct one.

In our arsenal, apart from the Hair Transplantation Clinic with the “strip” technique, there is the F.U.E technique or combined techniques such as microstrip and F.U.E in terms of interventions. However, there are many other highly effective non-invasive treatments, such as Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Treatment, Mesotherapy,   Microneedling treatment, or even Exosomes.

Generally, depending on the stage of the clinical condition you are in, there are other effective treatments besides Hair Transplantation. Your clinical evaluation is what will guide us to the appropriate treatment.

Dr. Tzamantaki herself does not perform hair transplantation, but she has a specialized and experienced team that she trusts completely.

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