Gynecomastia is a condition that affects an increasing number of males of all ages, starting from adolescence. It is characterized by increased breast tissue volume, resembling female breasts, which can cause negative social and psychological problems. Gynecomastia surgery can permanently resolve the issue.

Dr. Tzamantaki will clinically examine you and request further laboratory tests such as ultrasound, MRI, and mammography. These tests will help determine the underlying cause of gynecomastia, whether it is primarily due to increased fat tissue (pseudogynecomastia), increased glandular tissue (true gynecomastia), or a combination of both.

The breast reduction surgery is recommended for you and will typically be performed in a hospital under general anesthesia. The duration of the surgery can range from one to three hours, depending on the extent of the problem and the chosen method of restoration.

The surgery options include:

  • Liposuction Only: High-Definition “Vaser Lipo”

If gynecomastia is primarily caused by excess fatty tissue, the doctor may recommend the innovative technique of “Vaser Lipo” to create the desired contour in the male chest. The high-definition liposculpture with Vaser Lipo precisely removes fat, tightens the skin, and enhances muscle definition.

  • Renuvion

With the Renuvion technology we can achieved excellent surgical refinement, in order to create real surgical tightening and reduce the extent of incisions or even eliminate dermo lipectomy areas. To create a Scarless Breast Lift. It’s another tool the Renuvion that complements the chest sculpting and contributes to achieving even more beautiful and aesthetic postoperative results.

  • Traditional Surgical Excision

If gynecomastia is a result of hormonal imbalance with increased glandular tissue, liposuction alone may not be sufficient. The traditional surgical excision method is the appropriate choice in combination with High-Def Liposculpture. Through a semi-circular incision at the lower part of the areola, the hypertrophic glandular tissue is removed, and if necessary, the nipple-areola complex is repositioned. The Benelli technique involves a round incision at the color transition point in the areola and is chosen when there is significant nipple sagging and excess skin that cannot be addressed with the semi-circular incision alone.

  • Lejour Technique or Breast Lift with Inverted-T Incisions

When the breast size, nipple position, and excess skin require more extensive correction, the Benelli technique alone may not be sufficient. In such cases, the classical L or Lejour incision is used, or in advanced cases of sagging, the inverted-T incision. These techniques are combined with 3D High-Def Liposculpture, which helps achieve the desired chest contour with minimal incisions.

Postoperative care is also important to ensure smooth and painless recovery. You will be able to engage in chest exercises after three weeks, while the rest of your body will have no restrictions after the first week. Dr. Tzamantaki will guide you to ensure a comfortable and pain-free recovery period.

During our first meeting, Dr. Tzamantaki will examine you and explain in detail the possibilities offered by chest contouring and which technique is suitable for your specific case. She will provide personalised recommendations based on your needs and desired outcomes.

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