The localized treatment that puts an end to the annoying problem of hyperhidrosis in the palms and armpits!

Many times, our self-confidence in our appearance is affected by the fear of body odor due to sweating in the armpits. It is also particularly uncomfortable to shake hands with sweaty palms!

It is a specific clinical problem that can be attributed to various medical conditions. However, the treatment of hyperhidrosis is often effectively addressed through local therapy such as Botulinium toxin injections. These materials have clinical FDA and CE approvals for temporarily resolving this problem.

At the “Clinic Of Excellence Plasis” we will address the issue of hyperhidrosis in the best possible way. There are methods of treatment that are painless, without subjecting you to painful procedures, especially concerning the treatment of palms. Learn about the approach to treating your problem from the doctors at our clinic.

Clinic Of Excellence Plasis

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