A personalized combination of surgeries, interventions, lipotransfer with Stem Cells, 3D Face Sculpting, Lasers that will carry out a natural and fresh renewal without the signs of surgery!

The safety of non-distortion or alteration of facial features and the ability to provide a natural result is in the artistic nature of the plastic surgeon. Experience, knowledge, skills, and advanced medical equipment are all main factors for the “miracle” to be achieved! Today’s Aesthetic Plastic Surgery offers us exactly that. The examples are many in Hollywood stars, and in celebrities all over the world. Beautiful aging without showing the signs of time.

It is not easy to describe how the most sought-after and at the same time most demanding renewal of a face is achieved with a natural result! It is certainly not a specific technique. It is the appropriate choice of different surgical and non-invasive techniques, with minimal recovery time.

Dr. Tzamantaki has developed the specific technique named “Miracle Lift”, bringing facial plastic surgery into a new dimension.  Gradually, just as a sculptor removes years of stress, exposure and wear, as does the Miracle Lift bringing back reinvigorated and a fresher version of our image. The effect must be discreet and undetectable!

With Dr. Tzamantaki’s expertise, and experience, she artfully reduces excess skin and suspends fallen tissue according to the needs of each patient.  She maintains the contour of the face, avoiding an unnatural appearance, and most importantly reduces scarring and recovery time.  The Scarless lift and Fat Graft, not only improves the 3D image of the face, but also gives an irresistibly natural result.


While Dr. Tzamantaki will ultimately determine the “Miracle Face Lift” is the right operation for you, but listed below are some key factors that elect this procedure

  • Sagging in the lower part of the face
  • Tired appearance with drooping eyebrows and forehead
  • Tired look
  • Discomfort from sagging cheeks (especially bending over)
  • Deep folds in the nasopharyngeal grooves, sad appearance
  • Accumulation of fat in the submandibular region
  • Alteration of the contour of the lower jaw

 Why should I perform the Miracle Lift procedure?

A natural, foreseeable result is the sought after in facial surgeries!  Reducing the signs of aging offers a natural renewal without the risk of permanent deformity. The Miracle Lift is a completely predictable surgical procedure, with minimal and well-hidden incisions that offers the result of a natural renewal. The doctor explains that the personalized procedure of the Miracle Face Lift is distinguished by its unique features.  The stages needed for this surgery are tailored to your face. There is no “passepartout” technique. Many small individual procedures are used, rather than large and extensive ones. It ensures that the scars from the surgery are smaller and well hidden, while the minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures used in the Miracle Face Lift assist in the absolute naturalness of the result.


During your visit with our doctor, you will be informed of the surgical plan to best meet your concerns. Your goals and desires should be in line with what the doctor considers a natural result and is appropriate to your personality. Dr. Tzamantaki has a special artistic philosophy, experience and dexterity combined with aesthetic eye and insight, therefore she will be honest of what will look best on the patients face and many times will deny surgery that will deform the patient given them an unwanted “plastic” look.

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