The nose is one of the most important features of our face that also defines our character. It is a characteristic associated with ethnicity, racial roots and generally the origin of our family.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common operations performed on both women and men at an increasingly young age. A nose that is disproportionate or “unsightly” in the eyes of the patient causes self-esteem issues and surgery is typical sought after at a young age to improve self-esteem.

A successful rhinoplasty is one that even family members, will not be able to perceive. The characteristic feature of a perfectly executed rhinoplasty is the complete harmonization of facial features with its shape and aesthetic lines.


As you can imagine, rhinoplasty is a complicated surgery therefore it should only be conducted by a plastic surgeon who is specialized in rhinoplasties. Since the central facial feature of the face is modified, this will affect the whole facial image. Excellent technique and a detailed approach are vital to avoid an excessive correction. Your first visit at ’Clinic Of Excellence Plasis’’ will determine whetherrhinoplasty surgery is appropriate for you. The following include justifications for a rhinoplasty:

  • Improve the anterior, 3/4, or profile of the nose.
  • Large nostrils, thick nose tip.
  • Deformity and disproportionate nasal pyramid, compared to the rest of the facial features.
  • Treatment of a congenital problem, nose fracture or the result of trauma with deformity in both bone and/or cartilage segments.
  • Correction of breathing problems including diaphragm, hypertrophic niches, which must be combined during rhinoplasty

Two are the basic surgical techniques:

Open Rhinoplasty allows greater surgical flexibility and precision in shaping the tip and the main cartilaginous skeleton. The philosophy of an Open Rhinoplasty is to provide an absolute accurate result, therefore, in recent years, it has become more and more widespread among surgeons. The advanced rhinoplasty you will undergo with Dr. Tzamantaki will surprise you with your fast and painless postoperative course. The doctor is very attentive and has specialized in detail which is reflected in the results and recovery time.

Closed rhinoplasty is chosen when the problem is in the nasal bones and the back of the nose. The incisions of closed rhinoplasty are made inside the nostrils and are invisible.

The surgical technique will be chosen by Dr. Tzamantaki and will depend on the requirements of each patient.

Research conducted on the Internet is useful for educational purposes, but the information received is for the general public, it will never be personalized. During your visit to ”Clinic Of Excellence Plasis” Dr. Tzamantaki with her unbeatable experience will provide you a specialized plan that will give you the appearance you desire.

Plasis has also invested in the Vectra XT Technology which is a virtual 3D Consultation to allow the patient to get a first glance of the surgery outcome.  The Vectra allows the patient and doctor to work together review outcome. The Vectra XT is a groundbreaking tool, which is why ”Clinic of Excellence Plasis” is proud to be the only Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic in Greece that can offer this service.

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