A smiling face, naturally beautiful, has the power to change your life. Lips harmonious and balanced, give health, youth, and femininity!

The skin between the nose and the upper lip over time, relaxes and atrophies, resulting in its elongation and sagg. The teeth are now less visible or not at all, the smile is altered, the lips shrink, and vertical wrinkles are formed, the so-called “smoker’s wrinkles” while the corners of the lips unexpectedly fall as well!!! Unfortunately, this is usually treated with injectables fillers, most often ridiculing the image. Causing swelling the upper lip and dermis part under the nose, appearing unnatural and with awkward movement while speaking, known as Russian Lips. The solution is not to fill and burden already loosened and falling tissue!  The solution is a surgical treatment with lip lifting combined with non-invasive techniques to improve the quality of the skin and the shape of the heart of the lips.

The right combination of surgery and non-invasive techniques such as Laser, Fillers, Nano Fat Transfer, Threads, is always the golden rule of Dr. Tzamantaki, where she always defines the natural beauty of her patient’s face.  If the intervention or operation is obvious, then it is a failure. It is these very delicate aesthetic balances that determine the ability of a Plastic Surgeon and at the same time characterize her as an artist.

How is the Lip Lift done?

The surgical restoration of the area is usually performed under local anesthesia and sedation, either with general anesthesia if combined with a Face Lift or another larger operation.  Excess skin is removed from a small and well-hidden incision at the base of the nose. The smile returns, the teeth become visible and the patient’s appearance returns to their natural youthful self.  The patient returns to normal activities after 2-3 days. The edema will begin to subside completely after the 2nd day. You should also avoid a cold with a runny nose as it will affect the incision area. Sunbathing and tanning in general on the face should also be avoided for 2 weeks. The incision will be inconspicuous in 10-15 days.

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