The 3D facial renewal with minimal incisions, magically provides a naturally fresh and youthful face.

A procedure that reverses the aging process, with minimal recovery time, and, done correctly, eliminates any risk of deformity!!

It’s not magic but the evolution of the science and techniques of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Known by a variety of names such as, “the Weekend Lift” or “the Star Lift”, as it is the most sought-after operation of Hollywood stars. Celebrities and non-celebrities around the world are looking for safe ways to maintain a decent appearance without the risk of deformity by growing older and not “aging”.

The Mini Lift is limited in its allowance of correction. It is best recommended in ages 40-45 with mild relaxation in the lower part of the face and upper part of the neck. Alteration in the cervical angle, mild platysma band or alteration in the jawline. Depending on the situation, a mini lift can also be performed in older individuals, provided that the appropriate expectations are agreed to. Additionally, a mini lift can be chosen by individuals who have formally undergone a full-face lift 20 or so years ago.

The difference between a mini lift and a Full Face Lift is that a mini lift only treats the lower jawline of the face and the upper part of the neck for gentle relaxation.

The natural result of a facial lift is dependent on the patient’s anatomy but most importantly the choice of the right plastic surgeon. A lift combines advanced techniques to lift fallen tissues from barely invisible incisions. Success lies in the undetectable, a surgery that simply leaves others wondering.

It is a procedure that is usually combined with other cosmetic procedures including, Blepharoplasty, Frontal Endoscopic or Mini Temporal Lift, Double Chin Liposuction. Additionally, Lipotransfer for 3D restoration of lipoatrophy in the face, neck, décolleté, hands treated with “3D Liposculpting” or Nano fat Transfer “4D face sculpting”. Fat is extremely rich in stem cells, so wherever it is injected it produces new skin!!! It is the elixir of youth.

Dr. Tzamantaki having experience since 2008 is one of the first plastic surgeons in Greece to apply lipotransfer with stem cells, sent to a stem cell bank in Switzerland. She admits that nothing is quite like a 4DFace Sculpting with Fat Grafting on the   face. The integrated and comprehensive treatment of facial aging must be restored with mastery and excellent technique to give the “magic” result.

Keep them Guessing!!!  Dr. Elena Tzamantaki

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