The neck has always been one of the main characteristics of youth and beauty. The correction of sagging and the restoration of a shapely contour in the lower jaw is performed exclusively with the Neck Lift.

The first signs of aging are visible with sagging in the lower part of the face, alteration in the contour of the lower jaw, chin and on the skin of the neck.  If these anatomical points are not treated as a whole, then we cannot expect a harmonious and natural result! When we decide to proceed with the renewal of the face, we must consider that the jawline and neck are an integral part of the overall reconstruction of the image. Dr. Tzamantaki has a holistic philosophy: she approaches the image, considering the frame of the face, which always includes the neck. She does not consider a neck lift a separate operation, nor does she proceed with any surgery if it is not fully understood by her patient the affects of aging and other areas that require correction. She will not agree to operate on a patient, when the results of the surgery will not provide the results, the patient is hoping for.


To proceed with any face-neck plastic surgery, it is necessary to be in good physical and mental health. Taking this as a basis, there are specific indications to proceed with a neck lift:

  • Wrinkles on the neck and near the chin
  • Loose skin on the neck
  • Platysma Band vertical wrinkles, starting below the jaw and descending lower to the neck
  • Accumulation of fat and skin centrally in the lower jaw (goiter)

If any of the above has already appeared on the lower part of the face, you are candidates for a neck lift, which is usually combined with Face Lift, blepharoplasty, lip lift, frontal and temporal lift, and three-dimensional 3D sculpting with Fat Graft, on all surfaces such as: cheekbones, nasolabial folds. Also, with Nano Fat fat grafting which is extremely rich in viable stem cells, radically changes the quality of the skin. Is called the Elixir of Youth.

The recovery time will depend on the extent of the problem and the extent of the operation. Pre-existing systemic conditions on your part or smoking may be factors   in different recovery times. It is usually performed under local anesthesia and sedation, without requiring an overnight stay in the hospital.  When performed under general anesthesia, and it is necessary to stay in the Clinic one or two nights to ensure a smooth postoperative course.


Plastic Surgery procedures are demanding procedures where special operating room consumables are used. When you are offered cheap, easy procedures, you should be very suspicious. You should ensure the specialization of the surgeon, their experience, and skills. The price of a lift depends on many different factors and is an expensive surgery. If performed individually or in combination with Face Lift, blepharoplasty or Brow Lift, or 3D restoration of facial lipoatrophy with Nano Fat and Micro Fat.  All this contributes to the total cost. Dr. Tzamantaki, will fully inform you about the final price considering all the above including your own expectations and I want.

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