Dr. Tzamantaki, an expert in advanced facial plastic surgery, impresses with her facelift techniques. Giving a natural and perfectly balanced renewal effect without signs of surgery.

Gradually, just as a sculptor creates a work of art, Dr. Tzamantaki removes years of stress, fatigue, sun exposure, bringing out a reinvigorated and fresher version of yourself.  The result must always be discreet and undetectable. No one should be able to suspect that this result comes from the hands of a plastic surgeon that is the sign of a successful Face Lift!!!

A facelift is not a simple operation that can be easily described to others. A perfectionist like Dr. Tzamantaki, wants to be sure that each patient will have the best possible result. The doctor explains: “What has changed in plastic surgery over the years is not anatomy, but our understanding of aging and relaxation.” An advanced Face Lift of 2023 is indeed the result of scientific advances that have increased our ability to treat not only sagging, but also lipoatrophy created in the anatomy of the face. We work on anatomy 4Dmultidimensional, and thus we achieve a natural result, without looking “tampered with”.  Dr. Tzamantaki, performs the 4D Face Liftensuring the renewal of Skin Quality, which is the 4D of three-dimensional restoration. Thus, the face is sculpted harmoniously and universally, giving a completely natural result.  The absolute success of her incidents is what has given her her fame. “We are judged by the result”, as she says!


A Face Lift with a completely predictable result, safe and with minimal recovery time, not only boosts self-esteem, but also opens doors to financial and professional opportunities that might not be available otherwise. Reducing signs of aging and a tired appearance offers a competitive advantage in life.

It is beautiful to grow without the typical signs!


The process begins with a thorough study of the angles of your face, as well as its proportions. Then your goals are considered and discussed so that the result of the Face Lift meets your expectations.

You will also be given detailed information on both the preoperative preparation and the postoperative course and monitoring. To achieve a natural and healthy image, surgery alone is not enough. We take advantage of all tools, techniques, Laser, Macro and Nano Fat transfer, non-invasive procedures, to holistically treat aging and give a multidimensional natural renewal.

The philosophy of Dr. Tzamantaki

It is not easy to turn the clock back 10 and 15 years, with a natural effect!!! Dr. Tzamantaki explains how a Face Lift operation is distinguished by its unique features. The stages needed for this operation are tailored to your own face, there are no “passe – partout” techniques. The doctor ensures that the scars are inconspicuous and well hidden, while the thorough postoperative monitoring ensures quick healing and ensures postoperative complications are avoided.

After your visit with Dr. Tzamantaki, the surgical plan she has proposed must be in line with your goals and expectations. As experience, knowledge and artistic creation intersect with the ethics and philosophy of Dr. Tzamantaki, it becomes clear that not all interested parties can undergo a facial surgery!

The creation of an excellently executed Face Lift, offers a wonderful result, refreshes the overall look, refreshes the face, and offers a clear look, and youthful contour. Most importantly, it boosts morale and raises self-esteem.

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