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A variety of emotions can be defined through our eyes. Expressions like surprise, sadness, skepticism, intrigue, euphoria are indicated from our eyes, so as the eyelids age over time, the eyes tend to get less expressing. You can only tell “tiredness”, even when you are not that tired. In regards to wanting to look younger again, an Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty) is not just another cosmetic procedure, but is a reflection of how you actually feel.

Eyelid Surgery, is the operation that gives a youthful appearance and a look full of vitality and radiance.

The modern 3D technique gives a final solution to the sagging eyelids, dark circles and eye bags. The 3D Eyelid Surgery is not just about removing excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids. It is the 3D restoration of the periocular area in all 3 axes, sculpting the anatomy in a younger age.

Aging, inevitably causes dramatic changes in the anatomy of the periocular area. Sagging skin, bags and fat accumulation are the main signs of a middle-aged person. With blepharoplasty the signs of fatigue and age are permanently erased and wrinkles are eliminated.

Dr. Tzamantaki having an exceptional aesthetic perception and her vast experience and training in facial surgeries, achieves excellent aesthetic results, naturally and harmonized with the overall image of your face.

The perfect operation is always the one that gives you results without any sign of touch! Over the years, the doctor has gained a reputation for the exceptional natural results in the blepharoplasty, for the extremely fast and easy recovery of her patients, for their postoperative care and attention, personally by her. Everything is done with the aim of the best aesthetic result in an environment of absolute safety and privacy.

The experience of a surgery such as blepharoplasty with her, is always a wonderful experience as she undertakes to correct very difficult cases, even more, those of a failed Plastic Surgery.


Do you have heavy and tired eyelids? Wrinkles and bags that betray your age; Do you want to get rid of the signs of time permanently? Dr. Tzamantaki will examine you clinically and together you will decide the surgical schedule of the complete rejuvenation of your face. If you are finally the right person (or patient) for eyelid surgery, the doctor will permanently relieve you of the problem, giving you a younger-looking face.


Dr. Tzamantaki, for many years uses the so-called Plasma Blade, in the classic upper and lower eyelid surgery. It is a technology into the blade, which as it cuts, cauterizes the vessels at the same time. This offers a huge advantage to the postoperative procedure as it minimizes bruising, swelling and healing time.

For sure, the classic eyelid surgery treats sagging eyelids, bags, eyelid wrinkles, drooping eyelids, but it is not always the solution for a natural result! Nor it is a panacea that can be applied to everyone in the same way. The diligent preoperative planning, the aesthetic perception, the absolute comprehension of the natural restoration of the anatomy as well as the understanding of the doctor for your “wish”, are the basis of a perfect operation.


Apparently, you may need a different operation from the one you initially had in mind or you may need a combination of some other surgeries or interventions in the eye area to achieve the natural restoration of a relaxed and younger look. There could be, for example, a dramatic drop in the brow arch and forehead, where it needs to be paired with Brow Lift or Foxy Eyes.

Otherwise,  the extensive lipoatrophy / bony  periocular image, where the eyelid surgery is not suitable,  the curves of a younger face can be restored with liposculpture, Lipo Implant liposuction.

Further clinical examination and discussion with         Dr. Tzamantaki will give you all the answers to fully understand what operation is the right one for you.


During the aging process, the dropping of ​​the upper and lower eyelid reforms the characteristics of youth, affecting all three dimensions.

The 3D restoration of the periocular area in all three axes (horizontal, vertical and anteroposterior) is fundamental in order to achieve, above all, a natural and harmonic result and even more, not to reform the physical characteristics causing problems such as: round eyes, ectropion, scleral show etc. Restoration is a complicated process and depends on many individual parameters.

Scarless or incisionless eyelid surgery is required in some cases to restore the lower eyelids. There, the incision is performed on the conjunctiva (inside the inner lid of the lower eyelid). The fat is removed or in other cases the fallen tissues are lifted (Mid Face Lift) without having to remove the skin of the lower eyelid.

In other cases, by the intra-conjunctival approach, the fat must be rearranged from the bags and at the same time the subcutaneous area must be sculpted by adding fat (it is the area under the lower eyelid closing to the cheek).

This is the most advanced eyelid surgery that requires experience and mastery.

Dr. Tzamantaki with her long experience and reputation for achieving the excellence, will give you to-the-point instructions during the clinical examination.


Clinic Of Excellence Plasis


This is the most specialized and well-known procedure for a face youthfulness.

The look becomes relaxed and refreshed, giving a more youthful appearance.

Dr. Tzamantaki, a pioneer in Greece with over 50,000 MidFace cases, has started bloodless sculpting / shaping evenly and harmoniously in the middle third, since her specialisation in plastic surgery.

Initially, she performed fat transfer with Macro Fat Transfer, later on with Micro and Nano Fat and nowadays with superior materials such as: Juvederm, Vycross, Technology, Restylane, aiming to regain the patient the anatomy of soft tissue that  had when he/she was 15-20 years younger.

The aesthetic standards of the last decade commanded Plastic Surgery to reshape the tissues in two dimensions.

Dr. Tzamantaki does not agree to see an overpulled face after a bad facelift with obvious fat atrophy resulting to a facemask effect.

By using the 3D fat transfer, she achieves to restore and also sculpt the midface atrophy, giving back a youthful appearance to the cheekbones’ arches of the inner and outer Tear Trough, but also the central fatty areas, with the Fat Pad (causing the aging of the face, the so-called Doggy face, during Facelift or eyelid surgery).

Her mastery and aesthetic perception always guide her to restore initially the center of the face on a 3D level.

Patients frequently complain to the doctor: “I have a wrinkle here, it bothers me.”

They are not able to know the exact cause of their tired and aged appearance, nor how they will regain their fresh and youthful appearance.

The utmost point regarding the technique is the immediate result, the treatment does not hurt, it is fast with a duration of 20-30 ‘, no bruises are caused, offering a completely controlled and natural result.


“And keep them guessing…”




Eyelid surgery is performed under local anesthesia and sedation. It can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids and also be combined with Mini Lift or Weekend Lift, or with Brow Lift or Temporal Lift / Foxy Eyes etc.

Through a liposuction the fat from the double jaw can transferred as Nano Fat to the eye area, liposculpting.

It depends on the right choice of surgery to give a beautiful, naturally fresh and youthful look.

The preoperative procedure includes specific clinical examinations almost a week earlier of the scheduled operation.

The eyelid surgery time, typically lasts in approximation one hour,  depending upon whether or not you are having another procedure performed at the same time.

Two hours after the operation, the patient returns home receiving medication and additional instructions.

Postoperatively, the follow-up is done exclusively by Dr. Tzamantaki and not by nurse or other medical staff.

The sutures are removed on the 5th – 6th  days exclusively by her. The postoperative course for Plasma Blade is really easy and fast. You return immediately on the 2nd-3rd postoperative day to your activities having without exaggeration, already the result.

All the information needed will be arranged by the doctor,  in order to make the surgical experience easy without problems.




The Eyelid Surgery Offers:

  • the fastest recovery in Plastic Surgery
  • Natural and perfect result
  • Painless
  • Impressive results even immediately after the surgery
  • Invisible incisions, perfectly hidden in anatomical areas, completely unseen after a month.
  • Almost no bruises and very controlled swelling due to the crucial role of Plasma Blade.
  • The 5th-6th postoperative day one intradermal suture is removed from each eye and the eyelids are already in very good condition.
  • Return home the same day.



  • The tired-aged look is permanently eliminated.
  • Improves in overall the appearance of the face
  • Increases your self-confidence
  • The eye area is refreshed, giving again a lively and youthful look
  • Affects excessively the movement of the eyelids, freeing them from the weight of sagging skin and excess fat, bags


As all cosmetic operations, the cost of eyelids surgery, depends on many different factors. For example, if only upper or lower eyelid surgery is performed or it is combined with Brow Lift or under chin liposuction, if 3D eyelid surgery should be done with the corresponding Nano Fat or even with fillers.

The usage of Plasma-Blade increases the cost, however provides an extremely easy postoperative period. Therefore, very different parameters determine the final cost of eyelid surgery. During your visit and after the clinical examination with the doctor, you will be aware for the operational cost. Certainly, every Plastic Surgeon has different standards, differentiative job procedure and of course the final cost will be proportional.

The severity of real professional doctor will sign permanently on your face.


“And keep them guessing…”

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