The Forehead Lift is not just the operation to lift and improve the tired appearance it also restores aging in the upper third of the face, giving a uniform, natural result.

The upper third of the face really plays a very important role in the overall appearance of the face. A balanced and natural renewal necessarily includes the restoration of horizontal wrinkles of the forehead, the folds of anger, the “crow’s feet” wrinkles (includes the peripheral part of the eye), and the fall of eyebrow arch, which frame the eyes.

The three-dimensional restoration in the upper third of the face, is performed with the operation of the Frontal Facelift, which also includes the restoration of lipoatrophy. The restoration of lipoatrophy is done in the temporal area in situations where extreme emptiness is observed, so much so that to give an emaciated look. Lipoatrophy is corrected with a Micro or Nano Fat Transfer, autologous material extremely rich in vital stem cells, which dramatically changes the quality of the skin within a month of surgery.

Dr. Tzamantaki, always a perfectionist with specific and detailed choices in patient solutions, takes advantage of different techniques from non-invasive and minimally interventional, in order to obtain harmonious natural results with minimal incisions. The gold standard in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is, to choose a plastic surgeon that will use all advanced technologies to give the patient the best results.

When do I need the Forehead Lift?

After clinical evaluation with Dr. Tzamantaki, she will determine it if you are a candidate for surgery. We can give you an idea in which cases this operation is the right choice. In many cases, blepharoplasty needs to be combined with a Forehead Facelift or even a Scarless Lift. Below, are the conditions that are definitively correct with the forehead facelift:

  • The forehead has relaxed, causing a drop of the eyebrow arch, the temporal region, and the outer corners of the eyes
  • Horizontal wrinkles high on the bridge of the nose
  • Pronounced horizontal folds on the forehead ‘wrinkles of denial’
  • Vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows, also known as anger folds
  • Blepharochalasis or “eyelid ptosis” causing drooping eyebrows mainly in the outer corner of the eyes creating a “cap” of the upper eyelids and often block peripheral vision

A male face has completely different needs than a female one. The techniques of correction and renewal of the upper third are completely different in the male forehead, which is dominated by Masculinization, causing clean, robust bone lines without rounding or lifting upwards and outwards the distal part of the forehead – temple. In women, the Maneken Look gives a wonderfully feminine and youthful look, while respectively this technique will outdo a male one!

The right choices in cosmetic surgeries and interventions require expertise, skills and mastery. Indulge safely only in experienced and “excellent” hands. It is your image in society, but also for you in the mirror.


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