"It is a great honor for us to be able to offer new surgical options to our breast cancer patients. We minimize the trauma of breast removal as we restore the breast in the same surgery."

Dr. Tzamantaki has specialized in New York and has been performing a skin sparing mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction surgery, commonly refers to “the Angelina Jolie” surgery since 2015 in Greece. She and Dr. Krasonikolakis, specialized Breast Surgeon, performed the 1st surgery in Greece on a 38 year old with Ca Grade I cancer in the right breast and in situ Ca in the Left breast.  Our surgical team performed a subcutaneous mastectomy, Lymph node dissection of the right armpit and sentinel lymph node in the Left with an immediate breast reconstruction with silicone implants and inner mesh bra.

This is a complex operation and surgically demanding, but the result is to avoid multiple, time-consuming operations while minimizing the psychological trauma that accompanies amputation after mastectomy. Strict adherence to international Guidelines is always a prerequisite for the absolute achievement of a healthy later life.

The outbreak of breast cancer in recent years has increased the need for perfected surgical techniques that improve women’s quality of life and soothe their already burdened psychology. Today, breast reconstruction after mastectomy is imperative and nowadays, more than 80% of women choose mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

Past restoration treatments with old techniques have resulted in various problems, causing extreme mental trauma to the patient. Proper restoration in such cases is imperative and an effort is made to fully restore the breast to the best possible outcome.

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Breast cancer nowadays is completely curable, if it is diagnosed early and at an early stage. Modern Medicine now provides the public with an excellent quality of life and aims at longevity. Dr. Tzamantaki, as a female Plastic Surgeon, fully understands female nature and will fully inform you about the possibilities of your own clinical case. Always in cooperation with Breast Surgeon Dr. Krasonikolakis, they will suggest all possible solutions and leave the patient with optimal results, and as a breast cancer SURVIVOR!

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