Breast reduction is the procedure sought by women with large and heavy breasts, in order to relieve the symptoms of discomfort and pain in the back and neck.

A Breast reduction surgery permanently solves these problems. It improves the shape and size of the breast, so that the new breasts are harmonious to the rest of the body.


The main factor the drive women to a breast reduction surgery are the following:

  • Large breasts disproportionate with rest of the body.
  • Large and heavy chest with drooping gland and nipples.
  • Anisomastia
  • Back, neck and back pain due to chest weight.
  • Inability to be active.
  • Skin rashes – eczema that form in the lower part of the chest in contact with the abdomen.
  • Shoulder incisions, where the bra holds the weight of the chest.

Advantages of the Procedure

  • Instant relief of aforementioned pain.
  • Symmetry and normal size are restored, giving harmony to the silhouette of the torso.
  • Your daily life in general improves.

Breast Reduction with Liposuction

Liposuction plays a major role in breast reduction surgery.  Depending on the magnitude of the patient’s problem, liposuction will provide the symmetry and results the patient requires with minimal scarring.

Dr. Tzamantaki usually choses the SuperoInferior Pedicle McKisock technique. However, depending on the situation, she will choose Superolateral or Inferior Pedicle. The doctor has been trained in all advanced breast reduction techniques and the appropriate one will be selected in order to get the desired result in the best way.

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Dr. Tzamantaki takes great care in informing her patients about the operation and discusses the goals and expected results.  During your clinical examination, the proposed surgical plan will be discussed, and all questions will be answered, to ensure that the patient always has all the details to make an informed decision. Although online research is useful for educational purposes, under no circumstances should the information obtained be used to replace a face-to-face clinical examination.

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