Frequently, we are visited by breast cancer survivors, these patients have undergone a mastectomy and reconstruction and are dissatisfied with the aesthetic result. They want immediate reparation and, the need to rebuild their aesthetic confidence.

Many of the women had undergone the surgery long before new surgical techniques were developed. Restoration of breasts from previous surgeries is a challenging procedure for the plastic surgeon, as they as called to restore a breast that may have undergone radiation, and large incisions such as wide dorsal muscle or Tram Flap, etc. Dr.  Tzamantaki will make use of all possible modern “tools”, and techniques, to restore the patient’s breasts again. The aim is to provide the patient with a healthy and psychologically balanced image.

With many years of experience and expertise, the Doctors of ”Clinic of Excellence Plasis”, are pioneers in this breast reconstruction surgery. They use highly effective and advanced breast reconstruction techniques and can offer the patient the best possible result. Their absolute attention to detail allows them to find a solution to every possible problem, guaranteeing the best possible result to regain lost confidence.


  • Large and unsightly mastectomy scars.
  • Anisomastia.
  • Incorrect placement of implants.
  • Shrinkage of the skin, gaps, and unevenness.
  • Shrinking capsule.
  • Uneven and unnatural during chest movement.
  • Folding/Unevenness of the skin and tissue.


Removal of the nipple in many cases of a mastectomy is inevitable, especially when the tumor is in close proximity. In such cases, special techniques are used, specialized for your own breasts, to regenerate the nipple and make it look as natural and healthy as possible.

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Dr. Tzamantaki takes the time to listen to her patients’ objectives and expectations. She discusses all possible solutions, advantages, and disadvantages of each. She reviews are pre and post operative care instructions to understand expectations. In such difficult cases of secondary reconstruction from mastectomy, details are extremely important. In an already mentally burdened person, everything has to be done in the safest possible method.

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