Tubular breasts are a congenital breast abnormality that begins to become apparent during adolescence.

Plastic surgery that corrects “tubular breasts” is a complex, demanding surgery but permanently solves this deformity and restores aesthetic harmony to the chest.

The tubular breast is a congenital anomaly of breast shape development that occurs during adolescence. The base of the breast is limited by fibrous, hard tissue allowing it to grow excessively only around the nipple-areola complex. The degree of deformity varies from person to person, but also from one breast to another, in the same patient.

Adolescent girls and women suffering from tubular breasts results in, self-esteem issues as they feel self-conscious with their breasts, find it difficult to find the right bra and often avoid even physical contact with their partners. The only solution to the above problems is surgical restoration, which has a positive effect on body image.

The first step in restoring tubular breasts and the appearance of your breasts in general is   to decide to proceed with the correction surgery.  Some of the surgical techniques, which contribute to successful tubular breast reconstruction, include, a breast lift in conjunction with a breast augmentation, or breast reconstruction with fat transfer. Dr. Tzamantaki will guide you to the right solution for your situation by providing all the advantages and disadvantages.

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It is of paramount importance and our mission to understand the patient’s concerns and provide appropriate expectations of tubular breast reconstruction. We will explain the procedure in detail during your clinical examination and explain the technique to be used to minimize incisions.

The doctor and her team perform this breast reconstruction through a very small incision in the lower part of the breast, a submammary fold. Through it, with the appropriate manipulations, they release the pressed gland and reshape the breast.   It may be necessary to place a silicone implant or, perform a lipotransfer, to increase the volume at the base of the breast. Other times it is necessary to combine all the above techniques and additionally place a Gala Flex / TLoop mesh to keep the mammary gland stable.  In some cases, the size of the nipple – areola is such that it is necessary to reduce it. This is done with the Benelli technique involving a periareolar incision in the Breast Lift, where the incision is placed around the nipple. The aim of tubular breast reconstruction surgery is always to make the incisions invisible. To provide the utmost, satisfactory result.

What to expect after Tubular Breast Reconstructive Surgery 

The operation is usually performed under general anesthesia and with an overnight stay in the hospital. Our postoperative care is exceptional. Our instructions and frequent postoperative supervision by our doctor ensure immediate prevention of possible postoperative complications.  The breast needs about two months to fully heal and have its final shape. The final aesthetic result is a beautiful, formed breast with the right shape, volume, and right size of the nipple-areola complex.

Usually, the operation should be done at the age of 18. Due to the sensitive nature of the problem, this is not a contraindication as long as the clinical conditions and indications pre-exist.

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