The elegant breasts and firm neckline greatly increase femininity and sexual confidence.

Beautiful breasts have no age, but over the years, pregnancies and weight fluctuations result in a loss of firmness and “perkiness”.

A Breast lift or mastopexy is the procedure that returns a firm and well-shaped breast, bringing youthfulness to the breasts.

There are multiple breast lift techniques including:

  • The Benelli technique where the lift is performed through a periareolar incision. This technique is chosen for a patient with mild ptosis and sufficient volume. In many cases it is a great choice and combined with small size implant.
  • The Lollipop type incision consists of both a perihelial and vertical incision. This technique is chosen when the ptosis of the breast gland and the position of the nipple is Grade II.
  • The Reverse T incision (and most classic type) is a lollipop type and the sub-mammary fold. This is chosen in a higher degree of ptosis of the breast gland and nipples.

The selection of incision and technique is based on the best postoperative aesthetic result.

If loss of volume is also patient’s concern, Dr. Tzamantaki will also propose a lift in combination with a breast augmentation where, either a silicone implant will be inserted or a liposculpture/lipo-transfer will be performed. This technique will both solve the breast sagging and loss of volume giving the patient a beautiful result.

Breast Lift should be considered in the following situations:

  • Breast sagging and atrophy in volume.
  • Satisfactory in size, but the nipple and areola are at the lowest point of the breast.
  • Anisomastia, one breast has sagged or is atrophied. This condition usually pre-exists, but with age or pregnancy it worsens.

The First Appointment

It is always important that the patient understands the implications and seriousness of any surgery including plastic surgery. The first appointment with Dr. Elena Tzamantaki will provide all the details and answers to the patient’s concerns. Patient expectations are also very important, and the doctor will provide possible solution to best achieve expectations.  All advantages and disadvantages will be thoroughly explained so that there are no surprises post-surgery. After the first appointment the patient will have all questions answered and will be on the right path to the best aesthetic result.

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