There are many reasons that require the replacement of implants. Breast implants will always be a foreign body, in order for a prosthetic material to be fully integrated aesthetically into the body requires astound experience and "Mastery" in plastic surgery.

Key reasons for replacements include:

Satisfaction: Many times, women are not satisfied with the result of the breast augmentation surgery. The shape, size, movement of the chest during body movement may not be natural. Or rippling may occur which is unaesthetic. Or the patient may have palpable implant at the lower pole which is not pleasant for either the woman or her partner.

Surely a completely natural breast is sought after! And that is why it is critical that breast augmentation surgery is performed correctly, perfectly, with the aesthetic and harmonious result in accordance with the anatomy of the breast to function as a natural breast. The foreign body must be harmoniously integrated not allowing anyone, especially the partner, being able to understand that the female has undergone such an operation, that is what we call the Perfect Intervention.

Implant Expiry: Another practical reason is that being a foreign body, silicone implants must be changed after a certain number of years. Especially implants on the global market prior to 2008 must be replaced in 10-12 years.  Each year that passes has a progressive probability of 2-3% to break the sheath, resulting in alteration in the shape and volume of the breast.

Dr. Tzamantaki always uses FDA Approved Implants known to be the best in class worldwide in particular she prefers Mentor, Motiva, and Polytech implants.  Millions of women around the world have clinically undergone a breast augmentation with the Mentor Breast Implant and the company is apprised as the No1 company worldwide.  The Motiva Ergonomic Breast Implant that uses Nanotechnology in their construction provide wonderful movement during body movement making them even more natural.  Polytech implants are known for their excellent technology which makes them lighter than the actual volume they provide, e.g., a 300ccimplant has a weight of about 240gr, making it even easier to integrate into the chest.

Dr. Tzamantaki is strongly opposed and refuses to use unknown companies which may offer economic relief but provide a catastrophic result. She only trusts scientifically approved and international organizations such as ISAPS International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, officially owned since 2011, recommend. Besides, they are the only companies that give a written guarantee for the quality of your implants.

Regardless of the reason the patient chose to undergo their initial surgery, it is important to remember breast reconstruction requires absolute seriousness in choosing every detail and especially your Plastic surgeon, this is the only guaranteed way to achieve a natural and flawless breast for the rest of your life.

The decision to change implants

The most common problems faced by women with breast implants are:

  • Appearance of the double bubble effect.
  • Anisomastia.
  • Misplaced implants, distant or joined.
  • Development of a shrinking capsule.
  • Appearance of folds, rippling streaks.
  • Palpable implant mainly at the lower pole.
  • Huge size with discomfort and back pain.

The ”Clinic of Excellence Plasis” has also invested in the Vectra XT machine, which is a virtual 3D representation, which allows the patient to get a first glance of the surgery outcome.  The Vectra allows the patient and doctor to work together to choose type of implant, size, shape, fat transfer etc. The Vectra XT is a groundbreaking tool, which is why ‘‘Clinic of Excellence Plasis” is proud to be the only Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic in Greece that can offer this service.

The first Appointment

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is the surgery of “perfection”. Every detail is particularly important, Dr. Tzamantaki will ensure the correct diagnosis for each of her patients and ensure the appropriate treatment to achieve the needs of the patient.  She is meticulous in explaining every step of the surgery and needs in post-operative care to eliminate complications

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