Breast augmentation continues to be the "Queen" of plastic surgery, worldwide, as it satisfies the feminine physic, increasing femininity and sexual confidence. Considered the epitome of procedures which truly defines a plastic surgeon as an “artist” given the need for a natural, harmonised result.

As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Tzamantaki, fully understands the needs, peculiarities and wishes of her patients. Her years of expertise in aesthetics and breast surgery, have allowed her to develop an advanced aesthetic perception, leading her to achieve a completely natural result, not only in the size, shape, and texture of the breast “One Breast Feeling” but with absolute genuineness and during body movement.

The goal of modern breast plastic surgery is certainly not just to increase the size of the breast. The doctor carries out a natural redefinition of the shape of the breast and décolleté, but perfectly harmonized with our body.

Surgical techniques have been perfected in recent years, due to new developments including a) breast liposculpting with Nano-augmentation and Macro Fat Lipo Implant, b) Ergonomic design of silicone implants (they take the natural shape of the breast during movement), and c) in the placement of special breast meshes, “special inner bras”. Thus, the aesthetic results as well as the naturalness of the breast with the placement of silicone inserts offer the complete satisfaction of the interested party.

In Composite Breast Augmentation, the shape of the breast is reshaped with the use of silicone inserts and Nano Fat, Macro Fat or Lipoimplant depending on the needs. There is also a natural breast option with the Tear Drop technique where the implants are in the shape of a drop, thus giving a completely natural breast in feel, texture, overall appearance, and movement of the breast.

Breast ripling, capsular contracture and the ability to feel the implant, mainly in the lower section of the breast, unevenness of breast shape and many other conditions demonstrate problems such as: poor choice of implant, wrong placement position and inappropriate post-operative care.

In recent years, the world of plastic surgery has further evolved and perfected the following:

  • Surgical techniques.
  • The quality and safety of silicone implants.
  • Complex procedures with the use of the patient’s fat.
  • Evolution of the internal bra mesh that have changed the reconfiguration of the shape at all levels.
  • The One Stage Breast Reconstruction technique, or otherwise known as “The Angelina Jolie” surgery, where a mastectomy is performed at the same time as breast (after breast cancer or overall prevention of breast cancer). One Stage Breast Reconstruction removes the psychological issue involved with the patient’s initial shock after a standard mastectomy surgery. Tzamantaki, is pioneer in Greece, in One Stage Breast Reconstruction. She has extensive training in New York and in collaboration with Breast Surgeon Dr. Krasonikolakis, they have extensive experience in mastectomy and immediate rehabilitation.

Every patient should be properly and fully informed before making the decision for surgery. Breast augmentation surgery, nowadays, provides wonderful results and fully meets your expectations, even in particularly difficult situations. It is a gift to womanhood that lasts for a lifetime. In addition, Dr. Tzamantaki is known for her ability to undertake difficult cases of implant restoration, solving permanent and perennial problems. The process of correcting a failed breast augmentation is much more difficult and complicated than the first surgery. The objective of Plasis is to always ensure the patient feels comfortable, beautiful, and feminine as she did prior to the failed surgery.

The first appointment

The first meeting is critical, please plan timing accordingly. After Dr. Tzamantaki understands your needs, she will examine you clinically and suggest all possible solutions that suit your needs. She will analyze all the advantages and any disadvantages so that you can choose the best solution.

Plasis has also invested in the Vectra XT machine which is a virtual 3D representation to allow the patient to get a first glance of the surgery outcome.  The Vectra allows the patient and doctor to work together to choose type of implant, size, shape, fat transfer etc. The Vectra XT is a ground-breaking tool, which is why ”Clinic Of Excellence Plasis” is proud to be the only Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic in Greece that can offer this service.

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