Breast augmentation is the "queen" of cosmetic surgery!
It satisfies excessively the female nature by increasing femininity and sexual self-confidence.

Plastic surgery operation is the most popular in the world, as it fulfills a lifetime dream. It’s an operation of great significance, through which  can be distinguished a really exceptional plastic surgeon as  an authority,  based on a  completely natural and harmonized result.

Dr. Tzamantaki as a female surgeon herself, understands the needs and peculiarities of a woman and finally is able to now how to satisfy her desire.. Having enhanced her aesthetic perception through the years of experience and specialization in breast surgical techniques, achieves excellent natural results not only in size and shape of the breast but also in the touch sensation of “one breast feeling”, along the body movement. Modern breast surgery is definitely not just about augmentation therefore, the Doctor sculpts a natural breast, fully harmonized with the chest.

Last decade the silicone implants techniques, have been optimized at all levels, giving excellent aesthetic and feeling results. The breast liposculpture has been evolved, with Nano Fat & Macro Fat transfer, but also the special breast sheets (special internal bras) have enhanced Breast Plastic Surgery at high levels of restoration and remodeling of the mammary gland.

Choosing the  Composite Breast Augmentation technic, with the usage of silicone implants with Nano Fat or Micro Fat and Macro Fat transplant, the breast’s  shape is resculpted  and in some cases  it is combined with breast lift, always based on the needs.

Natural breasts with the Tear Drop Technique, where the implant inserts are ergonomically designed to occupy the natural shape of the breast on their own, thus giving a completely natural breast, both in feel and touch, along with an harmonic overall external appearance and movement of the chest.

Ripling Capsular Contracture, palpable insert,( mainly in the lower part), breast shape problems, contour irregularities and plenty of similar cases, indicate problems such as:  poor choice of  implants, wrong position of the case, selected  surgical technic by the Plastic Surgon and  finally the choice of the Doctor, who is responsible for all the above.

Nowadays,  everything has evolved and optimized:

  1. The surgical techniques
  2. The quality and safety of silicone implants
  3. Complex surgeries with the use of our own fat
  4. Evolution of internal bra mesh that have changed the shape remodeling at all levels
  5. The One Stage Breast Reconstruction technique, or otherwise known as the Anjelina Jolie operation, where at the same time the entire gland is removed, after a breast cancer or for prevention reasons, is performed immediate breast reconstruction, without the woman’s further psychological burden, after the amputation of her breast

Dr. Tzamantaki, pioneer in Greece, after training in New York and in collaboration with Breast Surgeon Dr. Krasonikolaki, they already have extensive experience in mastectomy and immediate rehabilitation. Several times, it must be combined with sentinel lymph node or total axillary lymph node cleaning.

The patient after the mastectomy, succeeds at the same time, the aesthetic and psychological issue of breast reconstruction,  in one only  surgery.

You need to be properly and fully informed before making a decision. Breast augmentation nowadays gives wonderful results and fully meets your expectations, even in particularly difficult situations. It is a gift to female nature that lasts for a lifetime.

In addition, Dr. Tzamantaki is known for her cability to handle difficult cases of implant repair, solving permanent, long-standing problems. The process of correcting a failed breast augmentation is much more difficult and complicated than the first surgery. Correcting breast reconstruction from previous surgeries is a challenging procedure for the surgeon, who will be able to make her patient feel complete and beautiful, as she used to be.


Dr. Tzamantaki undertakes selectively the operational incidences. According to her point of view, the best possible results can be succeeded, whether both parts, doctor and patient, come to a full convergence and set their goal in common

In case that the doctor, does not agree with the aesthetic result the patient desires, then suggests other alternatives, explaining the anatomical and practical reasons. It is clear that most of times, patients’ demands are irrational, with no sence of  the subsequent risks. According to the doctor’s guidelines, everything is clear during your clinical examination.

The chest’s measurements give the information, in terms of size, while the shape of the gland determines the correct shape of the insert. When the anatomical rules are violated, then the result is definitely unnatural and causes postoperative problems. Doctor’s diligent attention to the detail, is the reason that breast augmentation is the most popular surgery in our clinic.

Keep them guessing“, is the doctor’s motto in all her cosmetic surgeries. Absolute success is based on this philosophy. She uses to refer to the  Breast Augmentation as “breast reshaping “, indicating severity  to the shape  and naturalness during movement and not necessarily to the breast’s volume.




With regards to the Breast Augmentation Surgery, the suitability of a patient is easily judged. Beyond to the good health condition of the interested person, to be able to undergo a surgery, must also feel that her breasts are somehow suffering. The right indication for the breast augmentation surgery is:

  • Breasts smaller than desired
  • Sagging and reduction of breast size, specially after pregnancy
  • Anisomastia
  • Atrophy or complete Amastia
  • Tubular breasts

Dr. Tzamantaki always agrees to proceed with a breast augmentation, when she believes that the operation will be a “gift for a lifetime“, with a completely natural result. The sence after the surgery will be an absolutely natural breast with nice feeling touch, like as if you have always had it (one breast feeling).

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We are proud to be the only clinic in Greece, that provides its patients with the three-dimensional imaging clinical examination in Plastic Surgery, “Vectra XT, 3D Virtual Consultation“.

During the visit, your body or face is photographed in 3D, with the 3D Vectra XT, providing simulation with a high-resolution system, so you can understand exactly how you look like, after the operation. You can see your breast and adjust it, according to your wishes. In addition, you are able to realize, that what you initially had in mind may not fit your body.

Dr. Tzamantaki, will analyze the realistic options of your operation but at the same time she will better understand your expectations. The top point here, is that examining and advising through 3D Vectra XT,  you could have the best version of yourself.


Size: The most common reason that women undergo this surgery worldwide. Breast Augmentation basically highlights the size of the breast and the décolleté, in order to give the desired appearance to the breast that you have always dreamed.

Shape: The majority of women not only wish enhanced breasts, but they are interested in being more “full”, round and well-shaped. In these cases, the doctor shapes the breasts in detail so that they have the desired appearance, with or without an increase in the size of the cup.

Asymmetry: Anisomastia is a common complaint of women of all ages. If your breasts are asymmetrical or unshaped, then Breast Augmentation with Dr. Tzamantaki, will give you two well-shaped breasts, with a completely natural result.

Breast Cancer: After a mastectomy (where one or both breasts have been surgically removed), it is normal that patient wants Breast Reconstruction during the rehabilitation time. Dr. Tzamantaki and Dr. Krasonikolakis, with “Single Stage Brest Reconstruction” technique, are able to restore the breast giving back a harmonious and natural result that will raise your self-confidence.

Weight Loss: Although losing excess weight is a pleasurable change in a woman’s body, the changes in breast tissue may not be so good. Losing weight is frequently followed by sagging and malformed breast. In these cases, Dr. Tzamantaki will skillfully give you a more youthful and well-shaped breast.

Pregnancy: The changes that the female body suffers after a pregnancy affect even the breast tissue, resulting in sagging and volume loss. Many times, as part of Mommy Makeover, Breast Augmentation by Dr. Tzamantaki, can restore your breast to previous condition giving you a Natural and aesthetically stunning result.


Dr. Tzamantaki focuses on informing her patients about the operation and discusses with them, the goals and also the expectations. After conducting a detailed clinical examination, she discusses the proposed surgical plan and gives answers to any questions that may arise the patient, in order to proceed with the operation.

Although internet research is useful for educational purposes, you will never be able to adapt it to your own body. During a consultative examination with Dr. Tzamantaki, the information you will receive will not be formal and general but will concern personally you and your body and will be adapted to your “measures”. With the experience and the excellent sense of harmony that characterizes the doctor, you can be sure for the expected result, as you will have the appropriate operation for you. The indications in Aesthetic Surgery are particularly important and the balances in the expected aesthetic result, as well.

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