The No1 Top Breast Plastic Surgery technique is liposculpture with "lipoprosthesis". This technique is done with the Vaser Lipo 4D High Definition which is a special liposuction technology, where fat cells and adipose tissue remain alive, which is extremely rich in live stem cells, and they are not destroyed as with other types of liposuctions.

At ”Clinic of Excellence PlasisDr. Tzamantaki has over 15 years of experience performing Vaser Lipo sculpting from areas where there is excess unwanted fat, such as: glutes, belly, waist, chin, calves, legs, etc., while keeping intact extremely rich in vital stem cells.

Another excellent fat treatment is the conversion of fat into the so-called Nano Fat Grafting“.  Tiny nano molecules of adipose tissue are placed in different positions e.g. on the forehead, full face, neck, décolleté, on the dorsal surface of the hands, on scars and on any tissue surface, to activate the live stem cells and reverse the aging process in the area! Wherever the lipotransfer of Nano Fat Grafting takes place, the substantial creation of new cells begins about 2-3 months later. It continues to be completed in the coming months and years. It is the ultimate “Elixir of Youth”. Anyone who has undergone or seen someone who has performed the corresponding technique can understand the advantages of the procedure. It is no coincidence, most medical advances, in recent years, has evolved in vital stem cells, and the dynamic of tissue regeneration where they guarantee the production of new cells from the original primordial pluripotent stem cell! The basic requirement in Liposculpture is the area from which the fat will be extracted from must remain sculpted, without unevenness, dimpling or anything else that betrays touch.

The result of liposculpture with breast augmentation with fat will be completely natural and leaving the torso, buttocks, chest with the feminine curves highlighted. It is Dr. Tzamantaki’s S Curve technique that she admires in the body.

This technique, which for the buttocks is also known as “Brazilian Butt Lift – BBL”, is liposculpture with Macro Fat & Micro Fat or Nano Fat Transfer, giving a glute lift and curve. On the chest it also increases the volume, but without incisions, with a perfectly reshaped, firm, and rich bodice.

A Lipoimplant is a completely natural implant made with our own fat cells, unique, extremely rich in stem cells.  Nowadays with the technology we have invested in at ‘’Clinic Of Excellence Plasis’’, there is no reason to not take advantage of this marvelous technique.

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It is extremely important to be able to understand what option are available to achieve the results you dream of. Not all Plastic Surgeons are the same, nor do they have technologies that can implement specialized procedures such as the S Curve sculpture with Lipoimplant, nor are they aware of the developments in global events with stem cells and the techniques that can perform the “miracle”. Plastic Surgery of the future is only available with knowledge, ability, and possession of the appropriate technologies. Therefore, it is important that the first appointment has the appropriate time to explain all possible options. Advantages of breast augmentation with implant compared to fat augmentation, disadvantages of these and all the individual elements of different techniques.

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