During every breast enhancement procedure, Dr. Tzamantaki works hard to ensure that nipples are not compromised both functionally and aesthetically. That requires a detailed understanding of the breast anatomy and because she is a female surgeon, she is very sensitive regarding this type of surgery. By using the same understanding, Dr. Tzamantaki is proficient in correcting nipple deformities. Whether you have an inverted nipple or stretched areola, Dr. Tzamantaki uses minimally invasive techniques to restore your nipple to its rightful perky and symmetrical appearance.


The decision to undergo nipple correction is generally dictated solely by one’s dissatisfaction with her nipple. Because nipple correction is minimally invasive, Dr. Tzamantaki uses light local anesthetic. Wear and tear of the body is minimal and the procedure does not carry the usual risks of surgical procedures. If you are not satisfied with one or both nipples, you are likely a candidate for nipple correction.

To help her patients make the correct decision regarding nipple correction Dr. Tzamantaki has developed a unique surgical philosophy. Rather than accepting any patient based on their ability to pay, she determines what’s truly the best course of action. If Dr.Tzamantaki accepts you for nipple correction it is because her vast experience tells her she will sincerely produce the desired results.

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Dr. Tzamantaki’s consultation is a turning point for every patient’s cosmetic journey. After learning about the patient’s personal goals, she will review her “aesthetic profile”, gathering anatomical information to determine the best course of action, in order to provide her the best nipple correction. After that, Dr. Tzamantaki will map out a treatment plan and make that plan a reality. It is an exciting time, for both doctor and patient.

By Dr. Elena Tzamantaki

While independent research is helpful for educational purposes, it will never be fully related to you and your needs. During a consultation with Dr. Tzamantaki your education will go beyond general information and will become a personalized experience. With her exceptional aesthetic sense, she will assess the best option for you.

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