All cosmetic breast procedures must pay special attention to the nipples, to provide the best aesthetic result with feeling in the area. This requires detailed knowledge of breast anatomy and experience in the type of these operations.

Dr. Tzamantaki has over 15 years of experience in plastic surgery and can provide solutions to any nipple reconstruction surgery including nipple induction, large areola, or post mastectomy repair.


  • The nipples are held internally: the so-called ‘nipple milk‘.
  • There is an unevenness of the nipple-areola.
  • They are hypertrophic (cause trouble under thin clothing).
  • Nipple has been removed (due to mastectomy)

Surgical reconstruction often has different plastic surgery techniques that aim to restore the normal anatomy and image of the nipples and areola. The latest developments for total reconstruction after nipple mastectomy include a silicone nipple implant which is placed under the skin.  The silicone implant will naturally exude, and the areola will have a completely natural appearance. The surgery is completed with a tattoo to perfect the aesthetic result.

The decision to proceed with nipple plastic surgery is entirely the choice of the patient and dependent on how uncomfortable the patient feels with their current aesthetic position. The surgery is minimally invasive, skin incisions are minimal, and the entire postoperative period is particularly easy. Nipple Plastic Surgery will improve the nipples overall appearance and leave the patient more comfortable with their body.

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In the first appointment, Dr. Tzamantaki will fully inform the patient about nipple reconstruction surgery and will discuss the objectives and expected results. After conducting a thorough examination, she will discuss the proposed surgical plan and answer any questions the patient may have, leaving the patient to make the correct informed decision.


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