Many women have undergone breast reconstruction after mastectomy many years ago. During that time, the reconstruction techniques provided inferior aesthetic results compared to the capabilities of Plastic Surgery today.

Correction of previous breast reconstruction surgeries following mastectomy, possibly involving chemotherapy and radiation therapy, always presents a challenging intervention for the Plastic Surgeon. The goal is for this corrective intervention to restore the breast area as much as possible to its natural state.

There can be many different problems, including:

  • Large and unsightly scars.
  • Asymmetry compared to the other breast.
  • Improper placement of the implant with an unnatural shape, texture, and size.
  • Capsular contracture with an irregular breast shape, often causing significant discomfort.
  • Skin irregularities, rippling, gaps during movement, and visible implants, primarily in the lower portion.
  • Inadequate reconstruction of the nipple-areolar complex, resulting in an aesthetically unsatisfactory outcome.

With years of experience and specialization in breast oncology surgery, post-mastectomy reconstruction, and being pioneers in Greece in the technique of “Skin sparring Mastectomy and Immediate Reconstruction,” the doctors at our clinic can offer you the best possible outcome. With absolute attention to detail, they “know how” and possess all the possible techniques to solve complex and demanding surgical problems, such as the reconstruction of a breast that was reconstructed many years ago.

Our First Meeting

During your clinical examination with Dr. Tzamantaki, she will fully inform you about the possibilities you can follow to achieve the most dignified appearance for your reconstructed breast. She will honestly explain all the advantages of the technique she proposes and possibly its potential disadvantages. Often, lipofilling alone can work wonders. Our doctor’s priority is always to achieve the maximum result with the least possible trauma, always respecting the reconstructive ladder of Plastic Surgery.

Can Doctor Google Help?

For a challenging and demanding reconstruction of an already old surgery after mastectomy on your breast, you can only find general information on the internet. It may even be misleading, as Doctor Google is both a quick fixer and a miracle worker, offering you the Magic at a particularly affordable price.


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