Advanced reconstruction techniques, combined with tattooing, achieve a satisfactory aesthetic result.

There are many different plastic surgery techniques available to shape tissue and simulate a real nipple. Local flap techniques performed under local anesthesia can create the illusion of a nipple. Older techniques using free dermal grafts from the buttock area (where the skin is slightly darker) provided color to the areola.

Today, a tattoo performed by a specialized medical tattoo artist is much easier, faster, and more harmonious in terms of color tone compared to the other nipple.

In recent years, there is also a special silicone implant that is placed just beneath the skin, creating a 3D effect for both the nipple and areola. Additionally, with this technique, medical tattooing is required for the new nipple.

The goal is always to achieve nipple reconstruction with the least complex and intricate trauma possible, while simultaneously achieving a more natural and harmonious result in relation to the remaining breast.


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